Warmer temps during dark

Looking for advice on humidity. I just purchased a dehumidifier for my 10x12 grow room. During lights on my humidity is low about 45 rh. I bought the DH to control the humidity when The lights are off. Problem is the humidity rises so quickly that my exhaust kicks on to purge the humidity which in turn sucks out my heat and then the heater kicks on and that lowers the humidity and raises the temp. Until everything is satisfied. I feel the dehumidifier doesn’t have time to do it’s thing. So I was contemplating increasing the temps at night to control the humidity. This would result in higher temps at night than during the days . Is that going to be an issue with the plants since in nature it’s usually opposite?

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What about putting exhaust fan on a timer?

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Right now I have it set on an inkbird humidty controller and it only goes on when the humidity goes above my set point @AAA

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Set fan on a temp timer and put the dehumidifier on the…lol you guessed it. Sorry I had to giggle because your looking to control humidity and have the controller hooked to fan and not dehumidifier.

So my setup has the heater set at 78 and fan is on temp controller that starts it at 80 and shuts off when it drops 5.
The dehumidifier is set on the humidity controller for 24hr to be at 55rh which by its settings drops it to 50rh. Works out great.

I may have read all posts and mixed what I wanted to read and lol at it. Hahaha sorry I still lol because well shit when u grow great weed you can lol at anything.

The dehumidifier is set to 45 rh. I doesn’t need to be set on a control as it has its own. I also have a exhaust and intake fan set on a controller (mainly for the veg stage) to keep it from getting to high.
When the light go out the humidity goes up and the only thing that seems to knock it down is the space heater running.

Generally the controllers aren’t that great that are built in.
At least the one I have had a useless on board control.

It may also be to small for the tent to make a difference.
I use a decent size ge for a 4x8 tent. Its 30pint/24hrs

We have the same one lol

Oh damn I’ll try mine tonight with the on board controller and let u know how close it gets.

This is controller I use with it.

I set the unit to lowest so when controller turns power on it will always turn on. But for tonight I’ll use onboarding and let u know the difference. I’ll set it to 45rh as well.

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How many plants you running in your tent?

Just 2 but it’s at end and not much foliage.

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