Warm casting tea

I’m planning on making a simple warm casting tea! But I was wondering if I can add any dry fertilizer to the mix ? For example warm casting tea with 444 all purpose fertilizer. Will that mix ??

Any advice helps! Thanks guys.

Depends on if the fertilizer is water soluble. I’m not sure why you would do this though. Worm castings should have N, P, and K. Most of the time people add stuff to worm tea is a little more specific in nature. Like to target a specific macro nutrient, maybe micro nutrients, or something specific.

You may find examples like worm castings, kelp, fish hydrolysate, and something like azomite in a basic tea recipe. Each ingredient fills a somewhat specific role in the cocktail. If you’re going to hit with an all purpose fertilizer you wouldn’t really need most or all of the other stuff. Or if you’re going to apply a well rounded tea wouldn’t have much use for the all purpose fertilizer. If that makes sense?

If your fertilizer isn’t water soluble, you may be able to top dress your pots with it and then apply your casting tea. But I would consult a member that is familiar with doing this with your products first.