Wanting to up the nuits


Going to go to full nuts, just wanting to know if ,I go straight from half to full or is it a slow Increase,they have been on half for about 4 weeks.
Happy Growing.


Personnaly, i’m doing it slow :snail:, but it’s me​:wink::innocent:


I’m with @Niala go slow give 3/4 now then full next feed :+1:


I started at 1/4 strength and upped it a little every week. Now every plant will be different too some will want more some less. I have 6 in flower and all get same feed just different amounts. Some eat every other watering some every 3rd watering


You’ll need to do that math lol
But increase all slowly as needed :+1:


Somebody had told me before to increase by 50 PPM every other feeding and so far it seems to be working for me with a lot of different strains …at some point you’ll notice tip burn and that’s when you kind of stabilize right there , until you see your plants reacting to what you are doing…