Wanting to make vape from pressed flower

So many places I could post this but since I’m going to be new at the process this sections seems to have the highest visibility.
That being said I have a new press and the time is coming to put the squeeze on so to speak. I’ve done some research and I end up back and forth.
Am I on the right track to smash then decarb it with their proprietary nug smasher decarb box. Then add pure terpenes as recommended? Who can I trust to leave out the vitamin E?
If you have experience or know someone who does would you share or tag them please?

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@blackthumbbetty would be a great resource.


Well when you press the bid that will Automatically decarb after you get the Rozen your puck will be decarb because of the temperatures that you press at As far as making Vape juice I use Turpines Rozen and a thinner on a magnetic heat stir


The rosin press will do a bit of a decarb for you. Look for steam distilled terps without anything added; if they don’t offer lab tests or certificates of purity, don’t buy it.

For rosin, you probably don’t need to add too much in the way of terpenes, unless you’re wanting to bring out a particular effect/flavor more.

You should be able to gently melt your rosin and get it into a syringe to put straight into your cart. There is no need for diluents, really; though it does make things easier, it also means extra chemicals that aren’t necessarily great for smoking. However, if you want to use something, seems that MCT is ok (so far as we know).

I have been referencing this while doing my own experimenting: