Wanted to show my first plant

Newbie here! First legit grow attempt. Wanted to show off this unknow beauty! Hoping its female lol.


Definitely looking healthy and indica dominant. Once you find out if its a he or she. Id think about lst or defoliate bc its looking like it will be a bushy one. Good luck and keep it up. Welcome to the community

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Thanks much! I’m fixing to do a little work on it, going to do a little clean up towards the bottom. Its been a very happy and healthy plant so far.

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Looks great! And I’d bet on female. Males will tend to be in the taller lankier side.

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Thanks! Im hoping you’re right! If all goes well, would love to get some clones off of it.


I’m leaning female too. If you are going to clean it up. Clip a stem off the very bottom. Put it in water and do a 12/12 light cycle. It should tell you the sex if you plan to veg the mother out for a while. How old is your plant?

I had considered doing that actually. Have been watching a few videos and doing some reading up on it. Not too sure how long I’ll veg her out for yet, ive been playing that by ear. I have 8 foot ceilings so height isn’t too much of a concern during flowering stretch. She is 3 weeks and 1 day old. How should I approach making that decision?

Have you seen anything happening when you peak inside the bush? Hairs or balls?

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It’s a good looking plant welcome to the club of grow ur own happy blazing