Wanted a second opinion on how many more weeks left?

The top is a WW and the others are Turbo Diesel


3-4 more weals, the pistils aren’t brown yet. Some strains go longer.

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Thanks, I thought it needed longer, but wasn’t sure how much.


Keep taking care of her let those buds fatten up and get dense at least 3 or 4 weeks. Good luck finishing up


I’m just a rookie grower with beginner’s luck, just put my first WW in the flowering last week strain # 7 for me woohoo. Bergman’s grow Bible has been a lifesaver! I think from what see in your pics 4.5 maybe 5 week total with 5 day flush, in the next week or two I would kill your nutrient program and switch to a ripening formula 2-45-28 nitrogen phosphate and potash for awesome fat flavorful potent buds . Good luck be patient!


Good to know and will do! Thanks a bud!

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WW is a 65 day flowering plant. I would assume you are only about 2 weeks out of transition and will call it at more like 7 weeks to finish. That’s a good thing to bulk the plant.

What medium are you in? What lights? What nutrient program (if any)?

Thanks, and I love the “tree”!

I’m using pearlite/vermiculite &peat moss. I have an LED grow lamp and a LED 6500K lamp in a 2x2x4 tent. I water once a week with 1 gal to each 5gal pot of distilled water with 24-8-16 and add a pH decreaser to the mix. I have had a pH issue in the first few weeks until I started adding the decreaser. pH now stays around 6.0 to 6.5 and the girls are looking much improved! Started flowering on the Turbo on 12-14-19 or so and the Widow on 12-21-19.

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What instruments are you using to determine PH and TDS? What nute line are you using? Have you used cal mag? (you need it) What is the plug wattage of your lights? 1 gallon per week is a very small amount of water FYI which makes me wonder about light intensity.

I’m using a pH soil testing kit as well as a pH probe directly in the soil to check them against each other. I tried watering more often, but they started looking kinda waterlogged, so I pulled back a little. The nute line is my own concoction that served me well on outside grows in the past and really perked these two up after applying. The amounts will sometimes vary to some degree, but not by too much. I may need more like you said (cal mag), but I didn’t think of it. Glad you mentioned it. This is my first grow indoors in over 30 years and not in a Phototron, so I am still learning. I knew they needed something else, just wasn’t sure what. The Full Spectrum LED is 1000W and the Grow is 45W. I use 1.5 tsp of fertilizer per gallon of water.

There are soil probe meters out there but the only good ones are pretty expensive, and really unnecessary for cannabis. Strips and drops are not accurate enough.

Outdoor in sunlight is a far different animal from enclosed under artificial light. This is going to cause issues.

I would guess that this light is under 200 watts at the wall. This is the important number and not what the manufacturer tells you. (We’ve seen serious marketing hype from the Amazon lights)

My question about watering frequency makes me think you have inadequate light. (more photosynthesis means more water/nutrient transport)

For example I have one plant in hydro that just got flipped to 12/12 and is in sub-optimal temperatures (low) yet consumes 1 1/2 gallon every day and a half. And I KNOW my VPD is way off (Vapor Pressure Deficit). The saving grace is I have good lights.

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That has probably been my issue then. As for the light, after doing the calculations with Ohms law, you are right: It is only about 500W. I will get a Metal Halide light and install because of the blue light it gives off. Will see how that works, didn’t want to use one since my tent is small and those lights put out serious heat and the girls are already nearing the top of the tent. I will either have to bend them or figure something else out. The lights I have already caused light burn on the Widow before I moved it, so I"m particularly worried about the space limitations. I did notice that I had to water them in 5 days this time around instead of the 7 they were on. And you are right about the outside versus inside. Hopefully by my second attempt, I’ll have more of the issues figured out. This site is great with all of the experienced growers out there helping us newbies!


I meant HPS, not the metal halide. Sorry for being an idiot. I definitely don’t want the VHO lamps since they are so expensive.


I went strictly top of the line LED right from the get-go and I’m really glad I did, keep in mind you get what you pay for and the word watts is a marketing gimmick, really like my 4’ spider x 800watt equivalent passive cooled one of the best out for the price and have a couple California light works for my veg rooms solid products priced reasonably!

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I would say 3-5 weeks. My pistils are half orangish and I have at least 4 weeks to go.

This was day 28 of flower.

Why distilled water…??? Just curious…also what are using for nute line…???

They are beginning to get extremely sticky and smell fantastic!. This is at week 3.5 of flower. The 1st pic is WW and the 2nd is TD.

I have been watching this NY Turbo and she seems to be getting more brown pistils daily. I have looked at the trichomes on the tops and in the middle for amber color and find a little bit here and a lot there, but nothing consistent. They are only 13 weeks old and about 4.5 weeks into flower. I tried a pic of the trichomes, but it’s not that clear. I wouldn’t think she’s anywhere near ready, but I’m a novice. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for all feedback.