Want to use just 1/2 of a large grow tent...can i?

Hi all! We have a 3x3x6 tent and a 4x8x6.5 tent. I will do my 1st autoflower grow in 3 gallon pots. I want to grow 4 plants. That could fit in the 3x3 tent, but the light I have for that says it’s hlg 100 4000k, 99watt, veg 3x3, flowering 2x2…so will not be adequate for the grow while in flower. In the large tent we have 2 sf4000 lights with dimmers- but they are too strong for that size ( the 3x3 tent). Can we use the large tent, using 1/2 of the tent only? If so- what is needed, if anything to divide the space?


Nothing is needed to divide the space. In fact, I have two in a 4x4 currently. It’s the emptiest I’ve seen my tent in awhile, but I’m working on that part.


I was just going to post that I have two tiny plants in a 4X8 with no divider. The plants are doing fine and I have a lot of room for just hanging out.

Those two will move the the 8X8 in a few weeks and still no dividers.


You don’t have to divide it but if you wanted to we simply used spray adhesive to glue mylar to a bed sheet. But later realized the white bed sheet would probably be more effective than the mylar

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