Want to show off this little beauty!

Hello All!

I wanted to show off this gorgeous plant who just showed me some female preflower action. Thankfully lol. My last one was a male so I’m stoked about this one

. Anyways, strain is G13, and its been a great plant so far.


Should be a nice bush in no time👏🏼

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Aye! I’ve been doing a bit of lst with her. Excited to see her future.


Very nice!

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Looking good. HAPPY GROWING

Thank you! Here is an updated picture.


Nice job on the LST


Thanks much! Have been really working on her.

Where @repins12 at?


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This is another that I’ve got going. Its a totally unknow strain. It was a very unhappy plant when it was young (odd leaf shapes etc), despite being in prime conditions. It eventually topped itself, and has since flourished. This one has been difficult to train symmetrically, due to its odd growing behavior at the beginning, but its beginning to fill itself in nicely.


Uhhh, please elaborate! Immaculate reproduction?? lol

Haha yes! It did indeed. Trust me, I was shocked at first, however after doing some research, I saw its actually very possible and does happen.

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OK if you say so, i know its common for more mature plants to shoot multiple non-apex heads without topping those branches but nothing like that!

Looking good. I’m gonna tag along, if you don’t mind. Been swamped here lately, trying to get back up and running and to top it all off my back went out. 3 more plants and I will have my Hydro system up and running again. So, what strains are crossed to obtain the G13? Is that the actual name?

Thanks! The G13 has a really interesting story behind it. Check it out, https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.medicaljane.com/review/g-13-an-indica-strain-of-legends/%3Famp

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G13 governments research strain. Great strain. Dude love your lst ofbthis plant. I want to try it but don’t want to mess it up. :joy:

You won’t mess it up, and even if you do mess something up, its part of the learning process. This is my first cannabis grow, but I do have lots of other growing experience. Its great fun.


Scrog is up!


This pic makes me dizzy lol how about some updates that don’t strain the eyeballs?

Kidding - hope alls well