Want to know if this is a good set up


I’m planning on buying a galaxy grow tent 4 by 8, dura breeze clip fan 6" times 4 sun system level life light hanger times 3, dura breeze inline fan 8" 745 cfm, canfan muffler ducting 8" by 25 f, carbonace carbon filter 8" by 39" 950cfm, canfan intake filter 8", 4 ft flexible air stone, hydro flow barbed tee 1/4 in (10/bag), mini in!one drivers 1" gmp, 4 ft support stakes - 50 pack carved trimming scissers, measure master 500g digital pocket scale, growers edge commercial grade trellis netting uftx8ft, netafim uv white/black polyethylene tubing 3/4 in 100 ft, ebb master pump capmpo26, gro pro essential round Arabic pots w/ handles 5 gal black times 8, I’m still deciding on what lights and reflectors to go with but I know it’s 1000 watts times 2 and I know I need a ph meter and stuff plus power cords and timers with everything I listed its going to be anywhere from 1500.00 to 2500.00 depending on what lights I go with any fed back is welcomed and very much appreciated thanks for taking the time to read all this


add TDS meter to the list, along with the pH meter. Good luck and welcome to the forum.


PH n PPM Meter on Amazon. $20 a set

critical to have


Thanks for the replys I knew I needed to get those meters I just wanted to know if that was a good set up and for the price I have looked at some grow sites and seen for a complete package from 1000.00 on up to 2500.00 just for the tent, lights, fans my list is for everything


@Budlov if you’re willing to spend 2500, I would highly recommend looking at growerslights dot com for the HLG600. Another kit is from Rapid LED, but not sure if you could assemble it yourself. It’s a DIY kit, comes with everything you need except wire. Either of those will provide adequate lighting for half of your 4x8. I would recommend ordering just a 4x4 tent. The lighting gets less expensive for half the space.
Highly recommend to get either of those fixtures. Not only will it be more efficient than any amazon grow light, but it’ll grow BETTER than any amazon light.
I went the amazon route the first time, I was sorry and spent the money twice. I went the rapid led kit. For a 4x4. I have the Cree CXB3590 COB’s. Just would hate for someone else to spend money twice.


@Covertgrower my set up is with hid lights and everything I listed can be found on dealzer.com but I will take a look at the one you recommend to use to see if it fits my budget thanks for your input


@Budlov if you set on getting a metal halide for lighting.
Get a Ceramic Metal Halide. Or light emitting ceramic (LEC or CMH)
It’ll be full spectrum, and you won’t have to switch a bulb to HPS for flowering. LEC light is from seed to harvest.
You’ll need 4 of either CMH OR 4 metal halide for coverage in a 4x8.


@Covertgrower ok just a question if I need 4 lights for the 4 by 8 then why do they only sell 2 lights in the package and do you have any suggestions on a ballast and reflectors set?


@Budlov the sooner you realize that a lot of packages are just “put together as a marketing” tools the better. I’m more of an LED grower, less heat, more efficacy = more lumens per watt.

I’m not saying it won’t work, but it won’t work well. The flowering footprint is what I was anticipating. For veg in that space you could get away with one light. I’m just looking out for you so that when you get all the way to harvest you won’t have any surprises.

TopoGrow 315W CMH CDM Grow Light Kit W/3100K Bulb& Horizontal Ballast 120V-240V&Enclosed Reflector (315W Enclosed Kit /3100K)



@Sixpackdad thanks for your reply


@tanlover442 thanks for your reply


I have some reflectors i can sell you for cheap i dont use anymore i switched to leds and would like someone to put them to good use lmk if you interested


What kind of lights do you have how many and how much


Are you asking me @Budlov ?
I have a Rapid LED fixture that covers a 4x4 tent. The color temperature is 3000K with a 90 Color Rendering Index (CRI)
They’re the Cree CXB 3590 COB’s.
650ish watts actual.

For the 2x2 I have Cutter Cree J3030 3000K 90CRI strip LED’s. 300watts actual.

I have some amazon blurples, but I won’t claim them, they don’t grow as good as my DIY lights.