Want to know about growing autos n reg feminized

Good morning everyone I wanted to know if my autos need to go on a 12 and 12 and if they don’t will the 18 and 6 will it mess with my feminized plants in the same room I’ve been blasting the s*** out of them 23 on one off

Run the lights in any format for your fems to prosper. Should not matter for the autos.

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Hi and welcome @Growinggreg if I were you and you are giving your feminised 23/1 give the autos the same they will start flowering when ready only thing is when you flower the fem plant the auto will be on a reduced light unless you go 14/10 to induce flowering on the feminised instead of 12/12 hope this helps thanks

Ty so the autoflowering will not affect the the regular feminized so I could just keep running my lights as they are until I’m ready to go 12 and 12 with the regular plants.I don’t know I heard somewhere that get a better yeldl from the autos if you leve them longer time in the dark is that a false

Can’t answer the question on dark. I grew all my autos outside, so they got what they got. Only thing I would be worried about, I assum you are running lighting for veg of the fems. Autos probably won’t reach potential under same light.

I’m running a 2000 galaxyhydro Burpe light I have 4 t8 fluorescent fixtures halfway up the wall is like a side angle and I just put another thousand watt cheapo light I had it above the canopy about 15 in

I currently have 1 auto and 1 photo going. They both get 18/6ish. It’s enough light for the auto to produce well, but enough dark for the photo to have some downtime.

I grow Photo, Auto and Regular Landraces specifically on a 12/12 start to finish. And I grow Super Monsters with a turn around of 3 or 4 crops a year.

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Yes but my prolbem is I can’t go 12/12 I have one spot for my plants n I’m trying to get up money for another light for flowering so I’m trying to keep my reg in veg state. N my autos are going to do what they do I heard or read that giving autos 12/12 makes for a bigger yeild.im trying to find out if they don’t get enough dark time will they have the same yeild

I’ve never heard that. 18/6 is the most popular light schedule for autos. Some people run 24/0. The guy who bred one of the strains I’m growing right now runs 24/0 and he’s pulling nice harvests.

I like run 24 hours too then blast the s*** out of them

Male right

Looks like it, but I’d give it another day or 2 to be sure. Even if it is, they won’t open any time soon.

So my Autos are not at risk of being bred how long does it take to mail open up in fertilizer

That one still has a couple weeks at least probably. They will put on clusters of very recognizable pollen sacks before they open. You’ll have time to confirm that it’s male well before it pollinates any of your females. It should be obvious in the next 2 or 3 days, if it’s male.

Tha’s a regular season with my I have three autos left three feminized and I had that one reg chocolate riain I germinated 4 with my d friend he had 3 wonder why I kept it looks like I don’t know I’ll do what you said. I’ll give it a couple days are post another picture you can give me the diagnosis right doctor thanks man

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