Want to buy ILGM seeds. What is your favorite?


Nowadays I do my research when I buy anything. It’s too easy to go online and read reviews on any product from any company.
That being said, I have spent some time reading through a lot of reviews about ILGM seeds. I am impressed that even on different marijuana grow sites, I’m reading nothing but great reviews! Everything from shipping time, guarantees, and genetics. I’m sold.
Question is now, what should I buy?
The seed bank I was buying from is decent but I’ve received too many seeds that would not germinate. They come solid as stone and black in color.
I’m an intermediate grower, been growing for around a year and a half (with much help from experienced growers on this site!). For the most part I grow autos but I am open to any new and exciting suggestions.

I have 2- 3x3 gorilla grow tents. One for veg (6400k cfl lamp) and one for flower (450w mars led). Taking on two plants at a time is manageable. I literally have not stopped growing since I first started over a year and a half ago.
I’ve had much success with Blue Mystic, Hashberry, Choco Skunk (LST) , Anesthesia, and most recently with very nice yields - Northern Lights.

I am open to anything! What is your favorite ILGM product? Best yields? Auto’s or otherwise.
Thank you in advance for feedback and happy growing!


well, I can’t say anything of yeild and potency yet, as I am on my first grow still… But Here are a couple of Autos that I keep looking at…

White Widow is what I am growing now, and at buy 10 get 10 free, this was a no brainer for for me…

I want to try this one, just for the variety, and the price is on spot to…

Growing 2 at a time, either of these deals would give you a year or more supply…


I’m defiantly going with Chronic Widow for my next grow! Just look at her!


i’ m with @Ron330 Auto Flowering plants Here is a link to my journal on Auto’s
I like them all




I’m growing a northern lights auto rn, my first auto, and I’m very pleased with it. A couple days under 50 days old and it’s already starting to get orange hairs. Nice big main cola and a bunch of other lil ones that are fattening up nicely. ( Low stress trained the hell out of it to expose them) I also have some blueberry autos seedlings in cups that I’m going to move outside, they are doing really well too. I grow in grow cabs so autos are probably going to be the way I go from here on out after I finish up the few photos I have left


my northern lights auto, just under 50 days old


I want to try chronic as well. I’ve already figured out I want more tents as I love a good variety , so also wanna try autos


I’m growing Crystal fem, so far this is one hardy plant! I grow out side and at 12 weeks today and 5 ft tall and filling in nicely. Cant wait to try this out!


Everyone has nothing but good things to say about the strains they are growing… which tells me you can’t go wrong with anything you choose. I am currently growing Bubblegum (Feminized). I picked it because it’s a near 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid so I figured it’s the best of both worlds.

Here’s a link to my grow journal:

I also just started a Lowryder (Auto) grow. Waiting for her to sprout before starting a grow journal for that one.


The Gold Leaf gets very high marks as does the blueberry autos. I’m growing both! Lol. Maybe a bit partial @Jpositive good luck on choosing and I hope you’ll do a journal so we can flow along this adventure!


Thank you everyone for the fast feedback! My ILGM seed shopping cart is overflowing…lol
As soon as I order and receive seeds I will begin a journal. I am very excited!!


@Tonyb what kind of pop is that bro?


Wyd mean bro?


Lol sorry I meant what kind of pot is that in the picture with the northern lights in the tent you have? @Tonyb


Pot? Like strain? Or pot like the things u put dirt in? Cuz it’s a resivour, I grow dwc.


@Tonyb the pot you put the dirt in the green thing with the little holes.


It’s a resivour. I put water in it. I grow dwc, hydro


Ohh okay I see now lol thanks I digg it!


Ya hydros nice. I feel like you get bigger plants faster. Waiting on @garrigan62 to do a side by side of dwc n dirt to see if it effects yield though >:].


Hell yeah bro I actually would like to do Hydroponics also but I’ve heard they require a lot more attention than soil and I’m not technically home all the time and I don’t have very much experience at Hydroponics I’ve never grown like that so I’m a little nervous too as well lol but yeah bro if you wouldn’t mind tagging me when you guys start that I would absolutely love to follow that grow!