Want higher yield

A question from a fellow growr:

Yes i have a problem with yield
I have canabis in soil white widov, chronic, ok cush,sensistar…
Have done high stres training
Temp is 24 and nutriens biobizz
1000 w hps But when harvest then i have 300 to 400 grams and this is my problem
And i dont now where i do wrong

white widov,sensi star
soil in pots 12l
ph is 6.2
i have not ec
i have biobizz
cool tube sputnik 125 and 1000w philips
night 18 day 24
50 60 humyditi
ventilation yes pk 160 800 m3 h
ac humidifier no
co2 no
i think yield is 300 becouse biobizz

i dont now

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I do not totally agree with all the advice in this large article you posted so; I removed all the text and inserted the link to the actual topic, (as you should have done) :slight_smile: This allows the newbie to read all opinion in this topic.

We have a friendly conversation going on thin this topic. A good read.


With the info from your support ticket; I see only that you need to raise your PH to at least 6.5

Humidity is a little high for flower. should be between 40-50%. Other than that it is hard to say why you are barely getting .45 grams per watt. Not that bad actually in comparison to a lot of growers. Perhaps adding side light for the under canopy would increase your finished weight. :slight_smile:

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It all comes down to good genetic’s, you know good breeders with sounds strains

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Good point. Genetics is very high on the importance list
! :smiley:

Thanks @latewood yes I should have but I spaced it out my apologies I will remember to do so next time :smile:

No worries. PigSquishy thought I was mad or offended and deleted the topic. I was looking forward to building it up over time with everyone’s input…Oh well.

Everyone keep in mind; I do not get mad at you guys; I just try to lead. :smile_cat: