Wannabe's first indoor grow/journal!

Hey fellow growers. This will be my first journal ever, as well as my first indoor grow. Out of all the forums I’ve been scouring, ILGM is where I’ve decided to plant my feet. Anyways here it goes:

  • What strain: 1 Peyote Critical, 1 Blue Dream, 2 Bagseeds.
  • Method: FFOF, FFHF, FFSF. 33% 33% 33%
  • Vessels: Solo Cups < 3Gallon Smart pot (7 gallon later)
  • PH of Water: 6.0 - 6.7
  • PPM/TDS; not feeding yet
  • Indoor grow tent
  • Light system: 450w Vipar, 100 watt HLG QB, 100 watts worth of panelling. Total 400 watts out of wall.
  • Temps; Lights off 74 to 79; on 79 to 84
  • Humidity; Lights off 70 lights on 55
  • Ventilation system; 6’’ Cloudline t6
  • AC, Central, nothing in tent.
  • Co2; No

I’ve got 2 grows under my belt, both outside grows. First one got me a few ozs of airy, potent bud. Second was a failure. That’s when I decided I loved this hobby and getting high ;D. Upgraded to my current set up.

I don’t have them labelled yet. Peyote is too left, Dream top right. Bagseeds on bottom. Day 14


Welcome to the library of Alexandria when it comes to grow!


Welcome to the forum! Looks like you’re off to a good start. :+1:


@Wannabe, welcome to the forum. You are in good hands here. Everyone that I have come in contact with have been more than willing and able to help


Welcome. And good luck

Welcome to the forum. I spend a lot of time on here reading. This is how crazy Blue Dream can get. I currently have 3 moren in the tent. I love this strain.


Nice cola bro!! Hope my Blue Dream comes out like THAT, lol. Thanks all for the support. I’d really like to make a nice harvest. Im growing the bagseed for fertilizer testing mainly just for fun.

I had a bad experience adding FF trio with my FF soil and basically killed my last grow, lol. I’ve only grown bagseed until now btw.

I have 12 more seeds. Some blue dream, peyote critical, peach puree I’ll eventually journal. As well as amnesia haze, violator kush, 710 diesel, and bubba kush.

Plenty for a while :wink:

Out of likes but set to watching and good luck.

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Some more pics of my set up. Currently just waiting for more growth, at node 6/7 I am going to start the manifolds. Has anyone used the screen while the plants were under it? I have plant ties on the way. I figure tying off under the screen will be easier to transplant later.

Also I think I’m going 0 liquid ferts this run. All soil. Top dress, and up pot right before flower to 7 gallons. At most I’ll look into compost teas.


@Wannabe, I am set to watching and gonna join along in the adventure, if you don’t mind

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Of course welcome. Thank you, any advice welcome. Just watered until pots were a bit heavy, 2 solo cups each. Still doing 1tsp of ST post transplant. And molasses. Kind of a heavy watering should be good for a good 3 to 4 days? I’ll lift pots daily.

Started manifold. Accidently topped Peyote down to node 2 instead of 3. Hopefully doesn’t make a huge difference. Only manifolding my 2 named plants not the bagseed. They’ve grown so much since this morning. Vigorous enough to top today. Was on node 5-6



I have never topped a plant. I want to try it but it feels so wrong. I may on my next round of photo fems top. Can you top and lst? What happens if you do? Oh, welcome to the forum. You look off to a great start. I am growing my first plant in FFOF now. Others have been in coco. I am set to watch and learn. Good luck

Thanks for the support. It definitely feels a bit wrong chopping your plant. Especially when doing the manifold. It is a contribution to their final beauty, haha.
You most definitely can lst also. I’ll be bending some branches as soon as they grow back out. Google manifolding cannabis you’ll see what I’m attempting to do :slight_smile:

@Wannabe…set to watching.

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Morning after top. They look good. I think the fact they’re reaching for light is a good sign at this stage.


Manifolding is a great technique to have under your belt. Remember to only do it on photos.

Takes a bit long for growth/recovery to be profitable but definitely a fun time

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Most definitely bro, all my seeds are fem photos, otherwise random bagseed. Regretting planting the bagseeds a little bit, but they’ll be good experimenting. As of right now my main concern is space, lol. With 2 manifolds and 2 normals it’s going to be tight under my lights. I have all the time in the world, except the fact I’m still buying my bud. Not for long :laughing:

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That’s what I wanted to do when I first started. To limit the amount the family spent yearly on something we could produce on our land.

I’ve done the manifold training on a few plants a couple years ago. I grew them in pots just on the outer edge of our grow.

What I found by doing this method is it added a month - 6 weeks into your current 8 week veg. By topping the plant instead of fimming it was causing the plant to have to completely rebuild its pathways to push growth thru. While doing so your high stress training the plant to do what you want instead of what occurs naturally.

Now in terms of space I can understand why you would want that. In terms of time your other plants will suffocate out the manifold plants in a few weeks and be too big to allow them to grow.

I’ve done it in my 4x4 tents giving each plant 2x2 areas to grow. If one plant isn’t strong enough the others will use its space to grow

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Thanks for the insight. I am planning on training the others to keep them low, just not mainlining. I find topping better than fimming for myself personally. I think the yield will be nice.

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