Wall color and material question

Any advicce about the best color and material to use in an open room environment? Also, should I try to enclose where the plants are in the room or just leave it open?
Using 4x4 for each plant, the space for plants uses about half the room. I have a thermostat in the room to keep it warm enough when lights are off(it’s in the basement). They all have white walls on one side, but the opposite side is open to the room.
From what I’ve been reading I’m going to lose a ton of reflected light if the aren’t enclosed. I’m assuming I should hang some type of material on the open side
Thank you as always for the advice.

White or mylar if you get mylar get the kind that has groves in it keep from having hot spots


true, easiest might be painting white. Cost, Maintenance, durability, and space considerations, not withstanding.

Thanks. What about enclosing them ? Is that the best thing to do. They are open to the rest of the room on one side. Hanging mylar or something?


1973, plastic on walls to make grow enviornment
1984, room open with 1000 HPS
2014 2x2closet
2022 TWO tents 4x4x6.5
2023 top of tents will receive 3 feet addition.

So much time and money spent finding the right environment, you get to do that.
The Height is the limiting factor, many times. If not Height, then SQ footage. and so on.
THe challanges will be there for you to suffer and solve, we hope.
The current design exceeds 2Kmetered watts and will cost $190.00 a month, currently.
Painting the room white, after correcting mold issues and then “hanging” sections of Mylar forreflection, may work. [quote=“New2this, post:4, topic:96094”]
Hanging mylar or something?
Using 4ft wide roll of mylar-insullating bubble-wrap utilized with movable wall structure could provide benefits.

Good desinging to you.

oh yeah 1000HPS you could grow them in the middle of a field with enough wire.
The textured silvery stuff grow tent’s made of. Or white. Either one. If I were building a room it would be white with mold resistant gloss paint or white plastic.

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I changed from gold Mylar to Panda film solved a lot of my humidity issues


If you went this route why not just grab yourself a large tent?

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I’ve picked up some silver mylar, but it doesn’t have the grooves. Will this be an issue as far as burning the plants in “hotspots”? I’m actually not exactly sure what hotspots are.

I started with gold Mylar then the Panda Film I added a gold section around the 3 walls for reflection and help maintaining my humidity, my humidifier is set at 50 my dehumidifier runs in night mode and when needed, this has helped me in my mind 79-81 degrees and 48-60 percent humidity, rang stays pretty consistent throughout the day.

Just like @DEEPDIVERDAVE, I have tried several different grow areas over the year. In the 80s I used a 10x10, and then a 8x8 build in room, and in the 90s I used a 3x3 closet, and found out this is enough room to supply my needs. Now I am using two 2x3s and a small clone tent, and just ordered an AC Infinity 5x5 tent. The new tent will replace one of both of the 2x3s.
So here is my take on tent and room size. If you want a built in room that you go into, it needs to be at least 8x8. This is just enough room to squeeze through when tending to the plants. If you want a room smaller than this, I would use some type of temporary wall panels that can be moved, for plant maintenance. This is where a tent up to this size has advantages over a room, with it’s three side access, and of course price.