Walk about with Tony Portelli @ Grow Green Mi. Regenerarative Organic Cannabis Conference

I caught Tony on Sunday afternoon right before the “Breeder’s conference” hosted by Kevin Jodery. What an awesome store. Tony opened up his entire building to accomodate us with food, drink, and a place to chill. Great guy. PLease keep in mind that Garrigan I drove from Carolina to Tennessee, slept for a few hours, and then headed out on the trip to Michigan. The conference was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10-10 basically. Then all the ocnference team went out and ate…back to HIX, and had a snokout. I was on a 3 day high and apologize for fumbling around with my camera. Oh yeah…It is Grow Green Mi, in Whitmore Lake, Mi. I hope you enjoy the brief tour.


Looks like u had a killer time, even with the road trip. Don’t know if I could visit his fine looking establishment, just to much to stimuli for my senses. What a store, I’d pitch a tent n the parking lot for several days just to see everything he’s got n the place.

I would have roamed a little longer butm everyone wanted to be inthe conference room when Kevin was talking. It is unbelievable how growes are drawn to him, as if he were the Pied Piper… Love it. Quite an interesting, superior talent in the C industry. The place is 3x’s the size of the store, :flushed:

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Couldn’t agree more, so ur bursting my bubble, he isn’t the Pied Piper? So, ur telling me he’s the guru at the top of the mountain, dam I’m not fit enough to climb the mountain top where he resides. lol