Wake-n- beacon, pics of your favorite munch!


let us see your favorite dish,burger cassorole,whatever you like to throw down on after a good bake!




Can’t go wrong with the beacon
You can put that on anything and make it better
Enjoy your breakfast :fried_egg:


Baked, stuffed Lobster is my fav meal…


Who’s better then you @Matthew420
Lobster for breakfast
Woohoo Fancy Man :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


For breakfast I have burnt toast and a rotten egg

“I have a tape worm and it’s good enough for him” (quote Three Stooges)


Oh, did it have to be breakfast? Ooops, never eat breakfast…


i’m a arkie and our mudbugs don’t get that big!!lolol


I drive an 1.5 hours for that baby! Pass about 100 other places along the way but I like the best :slight_smile:

This place is in Maine, home of the great @Dumme


no specific meal or anything. it could be your favorite salad,bag of chips,anything you love to munch on after you get your head right!!lol



Wow they are real​:hushed: That brand was on Mad Men TV :tv: show. Never thought they were a real brand. Ha thanks @Paranorman

@ $4.29 that must be a massive bag!!!


Hugh plate of fried clams…


$2.00, if you had fried dill pickles you’ll love them they taste exactly the same, it’s almost unbelievable

I’ve just found them a couple weeks ago but I may have to stop buying them because I can’t put the bag down


It would be kind of the same as the ones we have here maybe

Love Dill pickles! Wish they had that flavour here!


They make pork rinds also…arteries are clogging at the thought…lol


Those are off the hook @Paranorman
Tried them and they became an instant fav !
My wife looked at the bag said that’s gross
Tasted one and stole the bag lmao :+1:


Off the hook …unbelievable!

I’m going to get some right now


You lucky son of a gun @Paranorman


Nice one! Enjoy :blush: