Wake me up when October comes

April 16 I germinated 8 Bruce banners.3 fit inside the tent and 1 died and 4 had to go outside.They are doing well but I’m concerned with the flowering ending in frost.I put the girls outside the end of may and it gets cold here starting in September and frost is possible.Tall girls 3 of them are 6 ft now.Should I top them and cover/induce flowering or should I just let them be?If I cover them they could be seen from the road.Thanks for the input in advance!

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Privacy is always my number one concern. Regardless if it’s legal or not the public, including your neighbors, should not be able to see your grow. I feel like it’s a respect thing. If the public could see it I would somehow shield it.

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One or two light frosts should not be an issue. Last year I harvested in middle to late Oct threw a light painter’s plastic drop over them at night removed in the A.M. when heavy frost was due. One plant left on it’s own did not harvest until mid Nov would not recommend letting them go that late taste was off.

thanks.i looked at the chart for amounts of daylight and September 26th is the first day of 12 hour darkness.im worried that they won’t be ready if I don’t induce flowering.they blend in now but a covering would be visible from the road.i guess we shall see I got 3 ladies inside looking lovely im pretty excited!the ones outdoors will have to be watched an covered from frost.thanks again!

thanks.They blend in now but 7 or 8 feet covered will stick out!

Nice. I thought it was wake me up when september ends. Lol