Waitingon germination, help

Put my beans in the soil after 72 hours of soaking and it has been 5 days and still nothing. Potting soil is fox fam ocean forest. Just asking how long do i have to wait to see a sign of life. Anybody please, beginner.

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I put my seeds in wet paper towels in Tupperware to germinate. If they don’t sprout a tail within a week I toss them and move on. Once they have about a 1/4" tail then they go into the medium. I’d say give them a week + or so and see what happens. If they don’t sprout then wait until they have a tail before planting next time. I think technically it can take 3-10 days to germinate and another week to sprout.


I once read an article on how lab’s germinate extremely old seeds within a maximum yeilds (cannabis magazine with amazing information).
Then I just happened to watch a clip of a local news channel interviewing a massive cannabis company that walked us through the processes of the cycle briefly, lucky for me they spent a bit more time on germination then one would think a news channel would.
Compile that with years of experience and countless hours on cannabis forums ha brought me to this method.

First is the soak, 20Hr, no more no less, many people swamp their seeds early on.
Swamping them won’t kill them all but it will kill many. The mixture should be water and hydrogen peroxide (3 to 1 ratio) , this softens the shell (we have no idea how long ago these seeds were actually made).

Seeds have a low success rate with lower temperatures. This is why they sell germination heating mats with heat controllers, set it to 26C.

Take a little bit of paper towel, dampen it only don’t soak it, place it inside a Ziploc bag and apply the heat mat. Ensure germination.

The Ziploc must stay in full darkness for best success, this can be done by wrapping the Ziploc bag in a light proof bag (I use an old shiny bag from a old El paso taco KIT, my Ziploc goes inside it) followed by folding the heat mat overtop and weighing it down with the heat sensor taped to the Ziploc. However the 2nd bag can be avoided if you have a dark room or dark container, regardless the heat mat should be folded over the top and weighed down with the sensor on the Ziploc.

Learning to germinate correctly can get pricey fast, follow these steps and I don’t see why you wouldn’t have a high success rate.


Can take a bit. Waitem out. Dont wet them again fir a bit.

Thanks so much for the advice. Really appreciate it.

Be sure to watch for taproot using the 3 to 1 h202. I use this method and usually just soak for 8 hours ( taproot usually starts to peek out at 8 hours ) ill pull and plant taproot up about 1/4 in deep and she will pop soil in about 2 days. I forgot about a few one time and after 24 hour they had completely popped out of the shell and turned white and had a set of suckers

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How deep did you plant your seeds planting to deep can cause them to take more time to emerge or failure I plant mine about 1/4 inch and as @Nicky said temperature plays a big part in germination and getting a seedling started


I plant my seeds straight into moistened soil with a baggie over the top. It took 4 days to break ground which 4 or 5 days being normal for me.