Waiting on my seeds... but I did grow Pineapple and Banana before!


New member here. While I’m waiting on my seed order I figured I’d post some other gardening pics. Once I get started on my grow I’ll try to keep a photo log here on the forum. I’m sure I’ll have tons of questions.


Wow, actual pinapple and bananas, very nice.


Lolll you had me laughing so hard when I saw real food.

If you can grow those you can grow bud that is for sure friend.

Welcome to the forums!!


Yep, thought he was talking strains myself


You bunch of stoners, you… :rofl::rofl:


I was thinking pineapple Haze and banana kush.


:joy::joy::joy: im late as well but with everyone else. I giggled a bit when I saw actual fruit.

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your grow