Waiting in My STATE. State licenses

Im going through what every other business opener is facing. The state i live in is dealing with putting regulations in play to operate legally we are so tight in our board rooms it funny. Keep PUSHING one day ROMANGROWN might be open for business. Our community will help indeed with legalization. So growmies stick together lets fight big business and always remember the mom and pops. Happy growing. Toke :up: stay medicated :smiley:


Congrats and GOOD LUCK with your endeavor. we recently had our dreams crushed when we reached out to a law firm to begin the process only to find we were way late to the party. only a very small handful of licenses will be offered in our state to growers and they have all been issued. the number one requirement was previous experience (i.e. no new people, no small growers, etc). They did give some recommendations on nearby states that are more open mindend. Guess who is moving as soon as they retire from their day job!!!

Anyway. again, Good Luck. this is supposed to be a GRASS ROOTS movement, not another corporate conglomerate. (see what i did there, grass roots hehehehe, i crack myself up)


Do u mind me asking what state? @JackAndSan. Its costly.

PA. it’s rediculously costly