Waiting for replacement seeds

Hello I was wondering how long it takes to get replacement seeds, for seeds that did not germinate. @ilgmstacy I sent a contact support for replacement . I got the auto copy sent back twice. Was wondering when I could get them replaced? My original order was beginners pack order #544207. @dbrn32 on the forum sent me here. Thank You @BeeKeeper2

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You missed the tag. I’ll add it. @ILGM.Stacy

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Thank You !!!

We’ve had a couple of folks express unhappiness at slow responses. Please remember that there are a lot of difficulties going on now so please be patient.

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I totally understand! I was just curious how you might know if they were working on it. Thank you Great site!

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I got lucky I contacted them about 2 seeds I was shorted. And they more than made up for it.


Hi there,

Sorry to hear you have a problem.
I see we got back to both your emails on the same day, aren’t you receiving them?

Please let me know, otherwise, I will contact you in a different way to help you out with this.

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Hello Stacy!! Yes I got copies of the the contact form that I filled out back. I was not sure if that was conformation they were working on it. Or maybe it is a denial of replacement. I’m sorry to be a pain but wasn’t sure if that is how it works. Thank You for your time and trouble.
Have A good day… BeeKeeper2

I had Blueberry autos that didn’t germinate. ILGM has more than made good on making sure I was happy.