Waiting FOR NEW gear

Waiting on some new gear. Running strait Zkittlez two fem beans. will be popped using 35 watt Florescent for them to pop and for 1st two weeks switching to ts1000. I will be vegging on looks when to flip looking for a nice healthy specimen before i flip. Running in nature cares soil mix with perlite and other things my recipe. Experimental is where im heading with this journey. I will be doing some lst and one topping. More to come…


Gracie got this one

Looks like a pheasant, but not?


@Covertgrower It does look like a Pheasant. They have really long tail feathers and they taste REALLY good. My favorite bird to eat and the only bird that I will gnaw all the meat off the bones.

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It a pheasant. About 2 minutes up the road I hunt fish and walk GRACIE every morning :sunrise:


@MrPeat pheasants come in many colors across many different areas. They blend in with local fauna. (Which I’m sure you knew) I just wasn’t certain that’s what it was, the ones around here are more black, and the browns are more of accents.
I’ve never had pheasant, always wanted to try it though. (I mean really I’ll try any meat once, tried mountain lion, and I can say never again…)
You walk your pheasant?

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I have a story for you. This was from North Platte, Nebraska at the Union Pacific Rail Road Yard. I was heading into work as I worked Armadillo which transports UPRR train crews from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Missouri Valley, Iowa.

I saw this Jack Rabbit being chased by a Pheasant. There was a 4 way stop sign. The jack rabbit stopped. Looked left…looked right and continued chasing the pheasant.

Our pheasants was pretty dark reddish in color. And they are awesome. Cook it over a wood fire. Best tasting bird IMHO. I like them over wild turkey.

@Growcoast on that experimental tip try one plant with no topping and just LST. I’m a day or three away from popping a couple more beans from my stash for an End of April Harvest in mind. One of those I will grow with just LST and no topping. I’m interested to grow side by side next to a topped plant and observe the difference in growth rate. I know what to expect just wanna see it happen.

I see you are a man of practicality and taste - I have the same bench seat in my f150. It’s like as soon as they start adding options to that truck the first thing They do is delete the middle front row seat and replace it with a center console. Fuck that. If I have to drive a base model work truck to get a front bench then so be it. Ford can suck on my Lariat. I got the rubber floors and vinyl back seat too. It’s indestructible. I just wish they had vinyl front bench too.

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@Deez indeed love bucket seats. This is our foamy beat truck it a 2014 f150 basic vinyl floor easy rinse with hose to clean. Lot of mud gets inside from running dogs. @Covertgrower I think u may have more native birds aka wild birds are are all prn raised then released onto stock properties. Happy growing all. And i always top one time. I also observe how the growth occurs then i decide what way to go on that. If. Cheer all have great day all.

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Very cool bird! I used to have a “pet” grouse that would sit in my bow stand with me and follow me around the woods. He hung around our woods for 3 years before he disappeared. Animals are awesome!


Mother nature is amazing! Stay medicated. Happy growing. Growmies. @Caveman86