Waiting for my ILGM seeds ❤


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Ohh autos :heart_eyes: :laughing: My favorites. The best thing you can do for these is just to get a good start. I see you are in soil. So @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 or @AfgVet could help you better for the watering. I am in coco. When I start a seed. It goes into a little nursery bag that has all ready been watered. After I get the rooter in. I don’t give it any water for 3 to 4 days. How warm it is out determines how fast the bag dries. I would rather be running on the edge of to dry as to to wet. I have had a lot of slow starters from over watering at the start. Basically though. If you do good starting photos. treat these the same. I run 55w of light at 19" I like a little more stretch at the start. It makes it easier for me to water as to a plant sitting on top of the soil. I have been topping mine around the end of week 3. Normal is near the end of week 4. Again, for me. It depends on how close they are to the top of my scrog. I need time for them to split before it gets there. I will follow this now. And will tag a few other good auto people in too. Some that are around a little more often than I am. I think that in soil. You need to get to a great start first. Just curios. How do you start your seeds. In a solo cup? With a dome? What will be the humidity in the area they will be in :slightly_smiling_face: Little things will help to get you dialed in faster :+1:


I’m afraid I’m a coco grower as well. Did one grow in soil, my first grow, so I will help all I can with the knowledge that I have


My last grow of Super Lemon Haze from ilgm was very nice. Four plants produced four and a half to 5 and a half oz each and is real nice tasty smoke. I’m also a big fan and had really good luck with the ilgm blueberry and blue dream. I just picked up Purple Kush and the c b d Autoflower mix pack and am looking forward to the Purple Kush.


This is always a solid yielding strain. Another reason to keep it in the tent.


I’ve only grown white widow & gorilla glue auto’s from ILGM. Both in hydro & G G was great got about 3/4 lb off it & very potent, the WW was good but not anywhere near as good. I gave a few seeds to a friend & he grew them in soil (GG) and got about the same weight wise but I don’t think as potent. Could be his cure as he had a death in the family & had to leave town so they over dried.


I mix up some Coco coir, potting soil with some compost and a little manure and perlite in put it in a solo cup with a few holes punched out in the bottom. Then I dampen the top slightly and shallow plant my seed. I then cover the top with a zip lock bag with a couple of holes punched through and place them under a Mars Hydro light at 50%. The HLG RSPEC 600s will help grow them soon.

I try not to disturb them while they are under the light doing their thing. I check to make sure they are still moist. Plastic inside the zip lock bag still has water beading. Hopefully they will grow into some very fine girls. Thank for the good advice and for following. :slightly_smiling_face: Nice to see you here.


Thanks I appreciate it. It’s been sometime since my last grow. I’ve got to get back into the swing of things growing.


Cool! I think GG would be a nice auto to grow. I might order some seeds. I’ve got GG Berry from Capt.Redbeards to grow but they are regular photo seeds.

I’ve also got some other auto seeds. Critical XXL auto and Gorilla Girl autos too. I want to start them in one of my three 4x4 tents.

Yes the cure could have made the difference in the potency. I got a Wedryer I dry mine in. I don’t use the fan in it. I find it over dries. I’m looking forward to getting a good harvest before I know it.:slightly_smiling_face: