Waiting for my ILGM seeds ❤

@Turbonelson @monkman @MoBilly I’m here. Growing and very excited about attending the Canna Convention in Las Vegas next month. I hope with this delta varient it will still be held.

Update on my husband. He got the hardware removed from his ankle surgery last year. After this latest surgery he could immediately tell the difference. Our marriage is stronger and we are happier with God’s help. He isn’t drinking and I’m still trying to figure out a dosage of cannabis that doesn’t knock him out completely. Lol!

In the flower tents I have Captain Redbeard’s Critical Gelato with a truly amazing amount of bud sites. I did some topping and HST and she responded well. I also have two Diet Durbans that Seedman says has a high tendency to herm so they gave me a store credit for the ten seeds I bought from them. So far the Diet Durbans are doing great and appear to still be ladies. And also in the flower tents I have a Phantom Cookies and a Trainwreck from Humboldt. And I have finishing up Green Crack, Chocolate Mimosa and a mystery girl. A mystery because I can’t find her dog gone name plate. The Pineapple Crack, Marmalade and Night Terror came out great and are curing. So exciting!



happy to hear about your home life, that is great! plants look real healthy and congrats on your harvest


Thanks! God is good! Relying on him has been and continues to be the very best decision I could ever make.

I don’t know when medical Marijuana will be legalized in this state but hopefully it will be soon and I can make a career change. :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to hear such great news, your tent looks awesome :star_struck:


Purple Trainwreck?! It was my absolute FAVORITE from Round 2. Her and Super Silver Haze.


And congrats on the happyish home lol


I’m very happy that you are fairing so well my friend!
Your plants look amazing!


Looking good

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