Waiting for leaves to turn yellow during flush

Hi all,
I’m very new here at ILGM, ty for having me!
I’ve been growing for a few years, all in door. I grow in coco perlite modified Hempy buckets using both Canna and Advanced nutes. I veg under cob led’s an flower under a 600 watt HPS.
Whoever, I’m currently using led’s fir the first time during flower. This is also my first time growing this strain.
I’ll post a few pics but my question is,
Will this plant yellow out? I’ve been feeding her ro water only for two weeks. With all other grows my plants would have at least started to yellow. This plant has gotten lighter but not visibly yellowing. I checked ppm runoff 7 days ago, it was in the 30’s. The coco is clean, been clean. She should be leaching.
I stayed below 900 ppm feedings thru all of flower. She’s in a 2x4 tent under 2 optic 2 gen 3 LED’s. 4 gallon Hempy bucket, coco perlite mix. Feed is Advanced nutes. Sensi Bloom coco, big bud, bud candy, Armor Si, Rhizotonic, BloomCity CleanKelp and calmag.
Temps at 68f night 78f day.
Has anyone grown Peyote Critical? If so, how did the flush go? Did she yellow out?
Thanks in advance.


I dont have an answer for you but I know someone will come along with the right answer. I just wanted to say
giphy (1) and that your plants look amazing!!

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Thank you Cody, I appreciate that!:+1:t2:

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Hi & Welcome,

very nice pictures you supplied there, thank you.

Concerning your question: please consider I am not a professional but I believe all plants that have gotten rid of all the nutrients will get yellowing leaves that drop off.

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Hi Cheese, based on all my previous grows I would have to agree. All of my plants have yellowed after a cpl weeks of ro water only. I always get runoff ppm down to basically nothing. In coco you would think after 2 weeks this plant would show more yellowing.
Her top buds are close to half amber. This is way past due for me. I usually wait til 5-10% Amber.
Thank you for the input, much appreciated.

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Don’t wait for the leaves to turn yellow. Just go based on the trichomes. With Coco, once you’ve determined the plant is ready, just give it plain water until your PPM drops below 200, then harvest it. It sounds like you’re well past due…