"Wait a Week? Cut Now?"

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"I usually outdoor grow amazing weed but wound up in a condo last year. bought a grow box…trying to see what I can do.

I have 2 plants in a 1x2’x4h’ grow box w 150WLED. I thought this strain needed a longer grow and also thought it was going to be really tall, but it wasn’t really getting much height. I started 12/12 at 8 weeks - the plant was only 10" tall and it began to bud, now they are at 50 days bud and i am not sure if i should harvest? they look about right, still have some white hairs. plant is so green though, no leaves have started to yellow at all. I harvested 2 of the kolas just to see what they’d be like. they are drying.

Can you please look at these pics and let me know what you think I should do at this point? wait a week? cut now?"


Nice looking buds. I would think you have another week or so but I can’t see the trichomes clearly so it’s tough to say for sure.


All about the trichomes… The best way to find out, is to get something with at least a 60x magnification, like a jewelers loupe or something, to look at your buds with The pic below explains what to look for…


Try to get a jewelers loop, so you can check out your tricomes. If you harvest too early you will yield less and it may not be as potent as you would like. Just ask yourself what do you want your buds for… recreational or medicinal?


You need a jewelers loop at lest 30x’s , it will open a whole new world for you . Your plant looks great but you won’t know for sure when to harvest till you get a loop​:alien::v:


My God that sugar looks so good on that top pic.
try to take a pic with the camera zoomed in and as close as possible, then zoom in on the pic . It may help if you get a good pic, May take a few tries. It worked so so for me a couple times till I got a loop.

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Man them girls look fantastic. I am waiting on my seeds as we speak, and will be growing outdoors in 3 gallon pots. i bout the auto flowering mixed pack. I have NEVER grown before but I di have alot of patio plants. Im in Texas so plenty of heat and sun.

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