W5 Sour D auto flower

Week 5, second week into flower. Companion plants; Wheatgrass, Catnip, Green onion, Softneck Garlic
-FFOF soil
-FF nutes


Nice looking plant. I’m missing the signs of flower.

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Bud spots just started forming few days ago

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I see. You’re Johnny on the spot so to speak. In approx. 8-10 weeks you’ll be chopping.

Nice looking plant. If any of my autos had performed like these, I’d still be doing autos.


This is my first grow, so your response is extremely reassuring!!!
I figure I have about another month(end of November) to chop. About 10 week grow. My goal is to get some nice nugs to hand out for XMAS. Care to make a wager on what end weight will be?

I did some serious LST, made sure every branch that had a node was exposed. Lots of leaf tucking. About 2 hours a day(15-20 mins a session)
My next run of autos will be even more LST. Picked up plenty of tricks this last month

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And you’re doing so well. Patience will come into play at the end. Don’t be in a rush to harvest and waste all your effort.

I like it when they say nice things…


Beautiful girls

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Nice to see you filling the tent. Reminds me I have to plant some cat grass soon, almost to cold for the cat to enjoy hours outside.

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The garlic is pest control. Most pest just do not like being near garlic, same pot or not.
After planting the garlic, I was thinking… why the hell not fill it out!!! I plan on doing some raised garden beds spring 2022, figured I would get a head start.

Depending how deep I dive into this new found green thumb. I might be buying a few grow tents. Not just for cannabis