W W A started flowering


Hey on 8/28/17 ww sprouted on 10/2 flowering began

what ya think…@


Very good looking start


Looks good @Gman753! I’ve got some wwa that I nust planted. 5 sprouts out of 10 so far


Nice it’s my first and i love it


Thats great! Its my first “real” grow, where I know what the strain is. I have another plant going but shes from bag seed. Hope yours flower well and give you lots of bud!


Let the bending begin break bend some of your highest tops down it will help other kolas catch up and permit you to bring lights closer. Gently but firmly squeeze stem between thumb and fingers and roll fingers back and forth against thumb like rolling a spliff :wink: twisting stem until it softens some then redirect top where you want. Sounds like abuse right? wrong! the kola will turn back up within a few days any buds will also turn towards light the energy of your plant is now evened out more between remaining kolas. The stem where you bent it will thicken and increase nutrient flow your lights will be closer to buds keeping canopy more equal in size and height :slight_smile: Unless you want the top kola being biggest and are less concerned with even buds?


Someone told me since flowering has started i should remove fan leaves can anyone tell me if true??


I would not remove any leaves whatsoever, since the plant is flowering, the least amount of stress possible and the most healthy diet is the most important thing in your stage