VPD: In final stages of life

Lets talk about VPD in flower, Am I supposed to follow VPD when in flower. (the final 2 weeks) humidity 30-40% temps 70-75F will give me a VPD of 1.5-1.65 {leaf temps -2,-3 cooler} that would be on the high end. do I keep the temp/RH or try to follow VPD. {just in flower}

what about if running CO2, and I am not, the last 2 wks before harvesting the RH should be between 40-30% 30% for the last week the VPD is at the high end of 1.6 When in that stage its at the right set of VPD just on the high or above set #…currently I am at 74 F- 37%RH and that gives me a VPD 1.5 in witch I am at a 1.57


You could be at 50 to 45 Rh at 75 no problems wanna get 40 ton45 % for last 2 weeks under 50% is acceptable at 75 ° easy

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