VPD and vertical growing

I’m curious to see how someone can run 20ft tall, 3 tier racks and still keep a good VPD from top to bottom. I need some answers to this because it sounds like a constant battle trying to run perfect conditions with plants on the ground and 20ft in the air in the same room.

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Either they aren’t, or they dialed in the air handling system. You might be surprised how effective a BAF can be.

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That’s a 160000 dollar ventilation system i saw those at the cannabis biz expo and per certain regulations you throw away your mist line’s after every grow and install new ones it’s all about mold and contamination this is a single level floor the rack system with out shelves was 230k with the uv light steralizers for the ventilation system but still can’t get the humidity down as low as needed for the Midwest people who have 98 degrees outside with 80% humidity and it’s almost 50 dollars a hour to run in that weather i thought it was insane also these prices don’t include install and set-up


Buy a publix sell in the front and grow in the coolers :wink: …hvac is redicules expense even to us small timers I’m sure u know … they have these giant cooling systems on top of high rises down here in so. Fla called chillers its essential a giant evaporative cooler but it’s much more efficient then then small ones you see on tv. Those this sont worth a whohaw

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@imSICKkid is there a specific operation you’re referring to? I’d be interested to read up on it.

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Just a few commercial facilities doing it and I’m just curious.

Big Ass Fans have a case study, although it isn’t too deep.

It’s to expensive to circulate that much air in a room that size to be able to match floor temp with ceiling temps. There is no profit in doing it. So essentially either the top tier or the bottom tier has to suffer.