Vote for White Widow T-shirt designs


Hey guys,

I’ve been playing around with photoshop again and since you asked for strain t-shirts I thought I’d make a White Widow design.

These are the ones I came up with. Let me know which you like best in the comments below. Any other suggestions about this design are welcome too offcourse.

I’ll try to do one design per week so more to come!

  • v1. (stacked)
  • v2. (side by side with slant spider)
  • v3. (side by side with straight spider)
  • v4. (a bit more color in there)

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What THC-Shirt would you wear?

What if you took the logo from the first design you did and put some blueberries in it some how. That might be neat.


I would like to see the spider hanging for his web string. With the web string coming off the shoulder.



I can’t wait to see what he come’s up with for the AK-47 Fem or Auto…hope he comes out firing…lol



Yep, definitely needs a web, I like the from the shoulder thing too. When I think of white widow I also think of a widow (eg dead husband) perhaps work a veil into the web or something? @DieHigh55 did you have a play around?


It would be cool to change the white widow bud green with white hairs wrapping around them. But then again Noone who isn’t familiar with growing and strains would just think you like spiders


great idea @garrigan65


Hey guys,

thanks for your votes and feedback!

For now this is the version on sale at our shirt shop:



@ILGM.Support.Roy Can it be I❤️GM instead of being spelled out .
For not legal states.


Good point @Hunter00 Check it out!


I like it but looks like a redback, just sayin


Just a thought…

Noticing that you replaced the hourglass with the leaf, cool hybrid I think, why not go the final step and turn her white?

I know you already have a product out, but perhaps something to consider for a future design.

Nice work by the way…


might have a play around with it some time. Thanks for the idea!