Voodoo, tarantula, and piranha

The directions for each of these is 2ml per liter,
Sooo… if I’m using all three does that mean 2ml of each per liter which would be 6ml per liter total

Or am i trying to use all three to equal up to 2ml per liter

Not an user, but I think they can be used together or individually. I was always under the impression that the reason for 3 bottles was to separate bacteria and fungi and then have a bottle that was more specific for flowering.

For what you paid to get all 3, I suspect you could email or call them and get some guidance.

if im not mistaken @beardless uses those nutes… :sunglasses: :v:

@Arrow That is exactly how it works. Everything into the punch bowl. If you want to lower the total PPM, add more water. PH after everything is added. I don’t know if the last step is necessary when using the PH Perfect line.
Never hurts to check to make sure where it is.

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