Voodoo juice question

Hello I have a quick newbie question. Would voodoo juice replace all other nutrients? How often should you use it? Every time you water or just once a week? If it still requires other nutrient solutions what do you recommend?

Voodoo Juice is not a nutrient. It is a supplement that promotes root growth. You would use it every time you water. At a minimum, for the first two weeks of growth. At a maximum, throughout the entire vegetative state of growth.
For your nutrients (I’m listing Advanced Nutrients products, since this discussion is about Voodoo Juice) you want want either:
pH Perfect Sensi Grow (vegetative state) and pH Perfect Sensi Bloom
pH Perfect Grow-Micro-Bloom

Thank you so much for that! I am buying the suggested nutrients now. One of my plants has had an issue with yellowing leaves. I read if the plant has purple veins with the yellow it’s probably Magnesium issue. The suggestion was to get CaMG plus. Would the advanced nutrients take care of that or should I buy some as well. Last question about the nutrients and voodoo juice. How often do you use the nutrients with it? Every time you water as well or every other time or once a week?

Are you sure it’s purple veins and not purple petioles (the little stick the leaf grows out of)?
Either way, here are some examples of what a magnesium deficiency looks like:


It looks similar to late-stage calcium deficiency, but calcium deficiency begins with little brown dots on the leaves.
If it is a calcium or magnesium deficiency, you would purchase a separate product for dealing with that.

As far as a feeding schedule goes, let’s start with - what kind of soil are you growing in?

No Voodoo Juice is for microbes and micro nutrients it is to help with a healthy root system. Call Advanced Nutrients or go on their site to read about what feeding charts are available and the breakdown description of each of their products.

@Quarinteen you need to look at Advanced Nutrients feeding schedules and follow it, and also if you have questions they are very helpful if you call them. CalMag is a separate thing you should always have on hand