Volume of nutrient solution

What volume of correctly mixed nutrient solution should be delivered to each plant and how frequently? Is there a rule-of-thumb based upon size?

This is outdoors; last year we brought in 16 girls from 4’- 10’x10’. I always felt I was just guessing. It’s v. sandy soil + I add a few drops of Dawn.

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What kind of nutrient do you use? Start there first

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Last year and currently, this works well:

Miracle Gro 18-18-21: 1Tbl/gal.
Eleanor’s VF-11: 1Tbl/gal.
Dawn Dishsoap (non-antimicrobial): ~10 drops/gal.

Shouldn’t seem to matter; we’ve used everything over the years. All nutrient products give concentrations and feeding frequencies but never volume of solution per plant.