Volt Grow VL-1grow light

I’m look at the Volt Grow VL-1 light. 440 watts. Samsung and Osram diodes. The company has been in the led market for years, but just recently entered the led grow light market. The specs look good and at $350, the price is right. My only concern is the Samsung diodes. They are using lm301z diodes. The company claims that the light spectrum is identical to the 301b, and claimed efficacy of 2.8 is achieved by using a greater number of these diodes. Is anyone familiar with the 301z diodes. @dbrn32

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It is lower cost lower performance led in comparison to lm301b/h. Marketed as good bang for buck mid power chip.

Same story as usual here, where is third party test report? It’s probably at least a decent light for the cost. But if you’re giving up performance them would be in range of lights using lm561c, which are probably pretty cheap too. I agree that price point makes it tempting.