Volcanic Pumic stone?


So after a mix up and ALMOST putting M.G. perlite into my living soil, i was bitching at my local grow shop and dude turned me onto this white volcanic pumic stone. So far i really like it. It has little pockets all over it wich helps hold oxygen to the roots and helps drainage. If u drop a few peices in water u can see all the places it holds air bubbles. So i used it in my current grow mixed with the soil, and as a top soil cover to cut down on soil nats, plus its white and has to reflect more light then dark soil. Does anyone else use it? What are your thoughts??


The price is right, too! Cheaper the pearlight of similar size peices. Easy to rinse.


I make my own supersoil and all differnt kinds of living soils, for differnt plants, needing differnt drainage. Large batches cost some $ to put together so to save a few bucks and get a better product seems good to me



Living soil grow also

He had to throw a ton away due to buds rot

Here’s a pic of one he named Staceys Dream for his wife, no nutes the entire grow I believe


@TDubWilly hey thanks. Thats really cool. Ill try to post my recipe of last batch(currently using it) and the big batch for outdoors in the spring.Thanks again i really appreciate that



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Nah man it’s ok, @Ladithief let’s see if he answers. He’s the one doing living soil


Yep made it and am here…



@Familyman420 I would love to see pictures as your Living Soil grow sounds totally different then mine and I am still taking mine to higher levels… Any questions feel free to ask… I don’t make it to this side very often so if @TDubWilly doesn’t mind letting me know sometimes if I am MIA all is good…



Np @Ladithief


i dont really have pictures of the process. If im home from work before dark Ill try to snap a few picts of differnt comp. Sites and some of my compost tumblers with the mixed up supersoil, i store it it them and put them in my greenhouse for 90days min. Keeps them warm and moist, dont dry out as fast. The containers im currently growing in, in picture are layered 1-2inches pumice stone. 1/2 supersoil top half is a lighter/cooler organic living soil, and then another 1inch or so of pumice stone to cut down on soil nats