Vodka lemon, blue dream, cobalt haze 2nd indoor grow NLS living soil

hi all, dropped 7 more seeds 11/6/20 3 cobalt haze, 2 blue dream and 2 vodka lemon. 2 days in a damp paper towel and 8 days under a small grow light. i am still getting a bit more stretching than i want, but still better than my first attempts. tonight they got moved from the small dome light to under my veg lights, they are currently about 30 inches below my lights, ( qb 132’s ) i am not sure if i am too far away?
they will stay in their little cups for a couple weeks (or sooner if i screw up and stretch them too much) then will get transplanted into 7 gal fabric pots with NLS soil mixed as a living soil with some used soil which is a random mix of stonington ocean blend, happy frog and ocean forest (i had a hell of a time this year finding a consistent source of a single type of soil), though i think i like the stonington best, and i am in maine, so it is local, and hopefully can find it consistently. i had great luck with it last grow outdoors, and so far looking good in flowering, though this time i am adding budswel to my water/ compost tea feeding routine while in flowering. i am just not sure whether to add the budswel to the compost tea, or use it on it’s own, or both. my first indoor grow is still several weeks away from finishing, so still a noob at it really, but is fun learning !! seedlings are in straight happy frog.

they are back under the dome for higher humidity, it was just removed for pictures.

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Strongly suggest against peat pots in the future they dry your soil out super fast and your plants grow into them but not through them super pain.

Drop your light to like 22" start there and adjust depending on stretch or no stretch. You may have to move even closer.
Plants look healthy just a little stretched.

Got a light breeze in there yeah?

yes a light breeze, not in the domed seedling tray but in the tent, i was thinking why am i going through this nightmare again with the peat pots, but for what ever reason i did it again, i may have to blame my summer harvest on my lack of judgement. i have not had a problem with them drying things up as much as i have had an issue with them molding, luckily i finally went through the last of them, first grow i went from smaller peat cups to those size peat cups, roots grow through them my ass. it was a mess, roots were all fubar. would you suggest 22" for the clones i have growing behind them also? just deciding if i should raise the seedlings, or drop the light, lol i just started using the woodstove again on a full time basis, so humidity in my tent was down to 32% once i get that back up i will remove the dome so i can get a breeze over the seedlings

Clones can take more light, actually alot of light. But ensure the leafs are clipped appropriately.

Just do plastic seedling pots lots of drainage on the bottom. Or amazon nursery bags (I’m abiut to try these for the first time soon)

clones are well developed now, and pretty much ready to flower, but may keep at least 1 for a momma plant, i am almost starting to consider myself better at creating them, i killed a lot of em. i’ll drop the lights a bit, thanks for the tip ! for my clones i did do the plastic solo with holes and put that into a red solo, but i cant for the life of me figure out why i decided to do seedlings in peat pots yet again… will likely transplant them earlier than i anticipated. i have all my soil to do so, it will be hot though so will wait it out as long as i can. i think if i also do not repeat the putting compost tea on seedlings mistake i will be ok. had to actually wash the roots under running water to remedy that, i cant believe they survived that !!

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Sunday picture time, everything seems to be looking good, took the dome off them today to get a little breeze, started running the woodstove so my humidity has been dropping, moved the fan to the inside of the vent and ran a dehumidifier, this morning i woke up it was 91% humidity, oops. i think i have a problem with WPM in one of the clones in the back, i attached a picture, need to do some research on it. i dont want it to spread, i plucked the effected leaves, humidity hovering around 70% with the humidifier off so far.

i hope everyone is enjoying their sunday