Vivosun 6" oscillating fans out of stock everywhere

Absolutely! I’m not going to recommend something that’s just junk. It would make me look bad.
You can buy a USB to 110v or 220v connector for a few bucks. I already have one and will be using it upon arrival.

If I think it’s strong enough for a tent bigger than 27x27x63, I’ll most definitely give it an honest and thorough going over and check it after a full 24 hours plugged in before I give it a THUMBS UP.

Stay Tuned. I’m expecting delivery between tomorrow and Wednesday Nov 25th.

I’m in need for two new fans by January so… Right now I’m strongly leaning towards the money fans non oscillating
But I will appreciate a real growers review.
Amazon if full of bs

I couldn’t agree more. I’m beyond sick and tired of amazon.
Wish we had alternatives. The Bay sinks, Alixpress is a nightmare, Ali Baba another garbage dump, Etsy is too expensive and only good for a few specific items like Ferts, Hardwood ash, perlite and other overly fancy crap.

If I had some money and a few more IQ points I would start a competitor.
I’m just a guy who knows just enough about things to be dangerous around sharp objects.
Have a good rest of the day Mr.Nicky and I’ll definitely get back to you on the “Gamble Fan”.
(Because I’m gambling on this cheap-o item to pull me thru).
Sadly, I was never good at games of chance.



Fan arrived today. Just plugged it in to test it.
It’s very quiet. Can use 2 “AA” batteries, USB power cord OR USB 5V DC to Wall plug adapter (not included).
Initially it looks like a decent fan. I paid roughly $20. I can definitely see value for money. Seems well built. Not excellent but not bad either. The USB cord is a little short, 4 ft. You might need a longer AC to USB cord unless you run it off batteries.

Right now my plants are sleeping but tonight I’ll unzip the tent and throw it in.
The air it moves isn’t bad. It’s enough for a 3X3, 2X4, 2x2 tent, Might be a little difficult for a 4X4 tent. For a closet, box or other alternative grow spaces it would work well.

I’ll keep it plugged in and running until to better test the quality.
I’ll update with photos later on tonight.

I got ya bro @Nicky
I’ll keep ya posted.

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Fan seems to be half decent.
I took a Video with sound but you have to wait until the second half
of the video to see how silent it is. My S6 Infinity fan was running in first half,
I killed it after a few seconds.

I’m calling a success for myself, as long as it lasts.

Ok, it won’t let me upload a vid so I need to figure something else out.


Here try this link. It’s the fan plugged in and working. You don’t have to download, just hit play on the site.

Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform

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I seen it move the plant seems pretty decent I’m supprized we will see how it lasts.

It’s not a clip fan though? Or does it come with a clip base as well? Once plants get big I find you need clip fans

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Unfortunately it’s not a clip fan. I’m ok with it for now until a better option comes along.
I know $20 bucks isn’t going to make or break a fella or lady but it’s still $20 bucks that can be spent elsewhere.

So far so good. Running almost 24hrs without any heat or additional noise. I hope the quietness of this fan lasts.

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