Visablity problems with hps lighting?

got a pair of these glasses recently called GROWGLES . abd was taking a pict in the G R and thought id try it with them in front of the camera these are with and with out in front camera .

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Those are incredible compared to my $15 pair

Did you find it on Amazon?

amazon had them
these are a steal

My $15 pair is exactly the same! Maybe you got a bad pair @kabongster!

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFF you "Ouch " haha can go with the over prescription more cost but i think would be better . i went with side shields cause that what … had… But the side shields were clear??? that’s rite clear … soo out comes the permatex marker .lol AND ya there worth every penny .other wise i cant tell if the leaves are green no shit …its why i avoided hps lighting till now seen a guy showing off his room on you tube and placed them over the cam lens for the pict …he never said any thing about the glasses but allof a sudden you could see like it was lit with an MH .so called hydrobuilder and spoke to them and wallaw. heres a pict of plain brazing glasses

as you can see the 3 differences in them they also make a kind for led lites and ther cheaper… but growgles arn’t cheap .but real good :grin:

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those are impressive.
curious have you tried MethodSeven?
they are about same price for their newest models, and about half the price for older models.

i have a pair of M7 currently coming in mail. i hope they are as good and clear as yours.

I’ve heard great things about the MethodSeven glasses. Personally I bought a $15 pair and couldn’t be happier. If they break or get scratched, I’ll buy a new pair easily.

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i bought those apollo ones for $15 also.
imo they did very little filtering, if any.

without glasses in fluorescent light:

with glasses in HPS light:

they filter out anything colorful lol. all drab and blah
based on what my camera sees, i can doubt they do much for actually protecting my eyes.

I have the $15 pair…luckily I have a small set up and the glasses help, but, if the grow area was larger, I’d invest in better ones.
I usually mean to take a quick peek and forget the glasses until I realize the peek turned into a stare, then on they go.
My wife reminds me to take them off when I come back up stairs.


just got off the phone with hydro builder earlier, different issue " the guy i spoke to gave me the impression that the method 7’s were mainly for LED said that the growgles don’t work well in led.??? only passing on the sales men words their no body shoot lol are you using LEDlites or hps??

the pict of the HPS with glasses looks good …IN HPS lighting i couldn’t see the differences in the green of your leaves … it s like nite and day

I’ll have to also do a photo comparison for you guys. My $15 pair makes a huge difference in the light. Sure, maybe the Methodsevens would be better, but that’s the normal debate of, is this HD tv better then this one? They look the same, but in one persons eyes the picture is more clear or crisp. My eyes love them regardless haha

timing is funny sometimes, just got my M7’s in mail today.
they make several version for different types of light. i got the HPS ones. to match my lights.
but they make MH and LEd versions also.

they are so much better than apollos. and look just as clear and colorful as your growgles i think.
check it out.

wow cool vid and you rite ur m-7’s look good as the growgles . Better that you spent about 90-95$ less .Good to know. as well that they come in more than one form. cool beans

yeah i paid like only $80. got the older version. works the same, just not new and fancy lol

PLUS! they are great for driving. i wear contacts and have problems with glare alot, these eliminate that 100%.

I bought a pair of Eagle Eyes 65 bucks. With wire frames. :sunglasses:

Wire frames??? sounds like they work good and look good lol …good to hear from you again . been busy on the G R . and got down health wise for awhile .am a little better for now… ps iam actually taking your advice . on purchacing an R.O system … I decided on a 300 gpd light commercial system.

Any size R.O. system will work. Smaller units just take longer to make water. That really should not be an issue though :slight_smile:

yeah i waited along time to be able to add an R.o system… i think it’ll solve a few small on going prob’s … i went with the 300 gpd so as to save time . as to the fact that i have to make and store it , then pump it to the G.R …also bought a couple of new meters ph, ppm. i got to playing with the new ppm meter and discovered a few things … one is my well water is 260ppm not 600 range i first mentioned to you… when you first told me i should consider an R.O. set up . learning curve on my part lol . it is amazing when you change a few small things in the GR what it can change … i added air cool lites and had to re balance the air controls … my back up elect heaters now have to run a little bit. they keep that much heat out … (i ran the intakes from out side air and ran the exhaust to the outside air as well …) then added a bigger pump to my DWC set up .placed it out side of the control bucket . to keep the water a couple of degees cooler , then replaced the 1/4 " feed tubes with 1/2 feed tubes . now anther problem . the back buckets overfill .they drain back thru a 1" tubing .but as they all set level it creates back pressure causeing the back most to over fill and the close ones to the res to go low …aaarrruuuugg… could this be why Roberts bubble buckets have a second set of hoses half way up the buckets ??? PS since iam going to run RO very soon and have used well water for many years … any advice on feeding or things to watch for??? Thanx Hammer.