Virtual com ports

well im so smart i tried to snag a ftdi driver from the devices serial com port to see if i could pull data to and make my fancy little program instead of doing actual work…

well i have buggered it all to fine mess! (mind you i dont actually know the meaning of buggered but i know its not good! i do like the way it sounds tho)

ok so lets see if i can explain what i did compared to what i thought i was doing… i saw an opportunity to pull info using the com port on the virtual machine(oracle) that runs the system. click devices and saw usb, my lord i thought it cant be this easy!?!! well it was! pulled the plug on the system a few times to get it to adjust itself so i could find which device i was looking for and bam i got it!

it did some ok i got this stuff and away we went thru a whirlwind series of easily executed protocols that lead to integration on the system

well all was fine until it stopped tansmitting data back to the hub, so i took action…cus im a genius and ive got this, hold my beer!

device manager - usb controllers - pull plug, plug in, found the one i want and deleted it off the face of the earth so i could reinstall the driver as i thought it should of been…nope after countless attempts to restore its functionality im at a loss and grasping at straws…i might have to put it on a different laptop just to run the bluelab connect stick 2…

the driver is frozen in as a serial converter and will not load as a vcp (virtual com port)… no matter how many times i unistall - reinstall new drivers , software it never takes as it should… now im trying to remember if it even said virtual box or virtual com when i deleted because it wasnt what i expected…



I’m not even a computer guy but yes, sounds like you buggered it lol


Not familiar with this process so I can’t guide you but I’m not following you along fully.

What is the device your plugging in an out?

Not sure what is but driver issues can be a pain, trying another system would be a good step.
Otherwise you may have to fsctory reset the one you deleted the drivers on.
Flash bios and start from scratch?

Bluelab connect stick 2

Restoring system as we speak :wink:

Hopefully only lose a few days

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When you are trying to reprogram or change the settings/ coding/ etc on a device it is always best to have a word doc open or notepad so you can copy the original coding and have that as a basis before you start editing or changing anything.

It is really hard to diagnose anything computer programming wise without seeing what was done, what the current coding is, and what it was changed to.

As stated above at this point I would reinstall back to basics and then when you go back to make changes again do one at a time, test, repeat. This will allow you to know exactly what causes a problem and that usually leads to Der moment!

BS Comp IT
minor in networking

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This is where all the people your fiixng the device for say
“but all my stuffs still going to be saved right?”

From looking at their website, are you using this system for your whole house, or just your grow area?

If for your whole house my guess would be that one of the settings for a priority command (one that can override others) like a sun off setting can turn on multiple lights, change the thermostat temp setting, etc is shutting off the other commands when it shouldn’t. Programming in one setting and then checking the entire system before starting the next can help with this.

If your using if for a large tent or single room it seems like this system might be a bit overkill unless your looking to automate everything using one system. Lights, temp, humidity, airflow, watering, etc.

If your programming it from the CS/Java side then that is a while other can of worms and not something I can help with here.

It could also be something as simple as a lose wire/ connection. Might also try to see if they have any forums or YouTube videos for setup.

Best wishes and good luck is all I can offer. But it is sincere. :computer: :computer_mouse:

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Any luck after the restore? Did you get serial communication back with the ESP32 at all? You didn’t specifically mention that is link you lost so I just assumed.

Ble connections for the server

Haven’t regained after recovery. Something failed

Automate a bit of everything but end project should be to run the grow op. That way it will tell several lights wether to increase or decrease based upon preset ppfd

There’s a lot to it and I haven’t really even scratch the surface yet but I’m going to load it onto a raspberry pi and see if it doesn’t produce better

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That sounds awesome. Think the lighting would be the last major tackle for a fully automated setup.

A Raspberry PI should handle it just fine. As far as reading the ppfd and adjusting the power of the light, that might take some serious coding.

it already has the temp / humidity / vpd from a few points in the room, that responds to the hvac system

was working on adding bluelab connect stick which monitors the resevoir tank, eventually turn that into a dosing system (when i destroyed the system)

then lights, adjust for vpd and allow the co2 system to have numbers to base the saturation levels in the room off of

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That sounds like an awesome setup! Can’t wait to see it when it’s done. Will only have to add water and mix in the nutes unless your going to automate that too?

I want to, but right now that’s all that I really do


That is EPIC man!

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It keeps me busy

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Pi should get here on the 20-22… ill have easily broken way more stuff by then…on a side note… i wasnt honest with bluelab (last time i was and they said they would not replace the unit that took a dump) and they are replacing the 150$ connect stick 2 i think just needs a new brain to run off of

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