VIRGINIA outdoor strain

Yes it does. When we started growing, the plants kept our hours. As we learned more we got proper lights and a timer. Lights on at 7, off at 10. The plants grew big and green. In April we flipped them to 12/12. I also took some clones.

Right now the sun comes up around 6 and goes down around 9 and the days will only get shorter from here. I’ve moved the clones outside where they are less likely to startle visitors (another story).

Hopefully the clones will do well , but I think I’m done with clones for the moment. It’s just too many plants at one time for my peace of mind.

Kush starin or godfather og or gold leaf will work great and grow amziang or cirtical punch the thing to is high humidity could lead to mildew so keep youre eye open put afghan kush should grow amazing