Virginia 2024 legal

Virginia a couple of weeks ago legalized canibuis with dispensary sales to start in 2024 I couldn’t find out if it’s rec or medical or both they passed with no rules being published I just hope they allow home grows with at least a 4 plant limit but if the state controls it like thier liquor. All about taxes then I will still have. To stay. Undercover which sucks ,has anyone else heard anything?

It’s becomes legal July 1, 2021 with everything else to be in place by 2024, grows, distributors and such.

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Sorry sparky that was the way it was supposed to be when they first said it passed.

In true Virginia stalemate fashion they pass legislation but sit on their hands for the 3 years while they watch their tax $ goto the surrounding states.

Come to Dc we’ve got plenty to go around!

I am fully covered in that department thanks just want to come out of the closet but we will see :smiley::dash:

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Seems like a lot of cultivators are coming out of the woodwork

I feel like I wouldn’t be doing this hobby of cultivating justice or looking out for my people if I didn’t say this…
Always keep your business to yourself , nomatter how legal your state is…
It’s not always the government that’s looking to get you…
This world can be cruel in so many ways , don’t let your guard down or become complacent in your safety and well-being… :+1::wink: