Virgin Grower (Dos si dos feminized)

Hi all,

I followed the forum’s advice and I bought photoperiod seeds (Dos si dos from ILGM) over the autoflowers. Thanks. Now there is no looking back. I dropped the seeds in water ph 6.7 two days ago following the ILGM method. I checked at hour 24 and seeds were still floating. A few hours later I checked again seeds where still floating so I touched them and they sank. A little relief. Hour 36 the seeds have cracked and showing a very small tail. I thinking of going ahead and dropping them in soil at 48 hours from dropping them even though the tail is shorter than recommended. I do not want to drown them. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I will post the plants’ progress as I go. Hopefully I can get some good advice. Am I in the proper forum?


Potem. They are ready. Can wait 12 more hours if unsure but they opened they will take if good seeds. Wait for verification from others though. Good to have a few views on it. Welcome aboard. Good call on photo. You wont regret that.


Once the tail shows throw them in the medium of your choice. You want them like an inch deep. Not too deep or too shallow. About to your 1st knuckle on your pointer finger will be fine


Thanks, That gives me more confidence.


They’re ready if there’s a tail. And good pick with the photos. Autos, being on their own timeline, can be a little finicky. Dos si did is a good strain too. Good luck and happy growing!!!


Thank you all, your advice has been taken. I put the seeds in a cup 1/2 organic seed starter soil and 1/2 in fox farms hf. I believe I read it here, FF was a little rich for seedlings so I mixed. I put them (two seedlings) under 200W led lights at 20%. I will increase light intensity as the seedling pokes out of the soil. If I’m doing something wrong or you have advice please let me know.


48 hours, put them in the dirt

You are covered and sounds like you are underway.

An update for the last several days.
02/08/22 12:30 PM I checked the soil for moisture, mostly hoping to see green, the soil felt moist so I did not water. I did not see green. Patience!

            11:30 PM  The soil felt like it was drying a bit so I watered 1.5 tsp with the same method.  I'm contemplating placing sandwich bags over the soil cup to bring the humidity up.  I hope the weather will warm up a bit so the heat does not dry the air out so much.  I did a little research about when I should see sprouting and what I got was up to 10 days.  Ugg.  Patience!

02/09/22 01:00 AM I did a little nosing around and found that I should have watered soil till I had run off so I did this. I also covered the cups with sandwich bags.

02/10/22 09:00 PM One little lady popped up. I took the bag off. I’m waiting on the other. No need to water either plant. Good day.

02/12/22 12:00 PM One little seeding is doing well. The other seed has yet to pop out of the soil. The top of the soil felt dry so I added 2 tbs of 6.4 PH water to each cup.
I dropped another seed in a cup of 6.4 PH water to see which will sprout first, the seed that started to process or the newly dropped seed.

Any advice is greatly welcome.


02/14/22 12:00 PM The seed in water has cracked (24 hour). I’m following the paper towel method and placed it a warmer spot to finish germination. There was nothing to do with the seedling.

02/15/22 12:00 AM The seed #3 (24 hours in water then paper towel method) had a very nice tail. I wanted to check seed #2 before I planted #3. I did not wait long enough. Seed #2 has a healthy tail and it looks as if it was about to pop out of the soil. I put # 2 back into the soil and hope it makes it. #3 went into soil. I (PH 6.7) watered soil till I had run off and bagged them with sandwich bags. #1 looks to be doing well. She looked and felt dry so I watered till run off. #2 and #3 are going to be racing for the second spot. I do not have room for three plants.

02/16/22 12:00 PM I’m still having humidity issues. It’s in the upper 20%. Getting a new humidifier today. #1 is still strong. Do to the low humidity I’m bagging her at night. #3 popped up today! #2 has no progress yet but this is due to my own impatience.

Any advice on ways to help in my success would be appreciated.


You are not the first. That is how I ended up with 9 WWA my first attempt. Talk about a cluster.
It was not pretty but I got something off all of them.


#3 just popped up


#1 looking healthy in my opinion but I have no real experience to back up that claim. She is staying short. Maybe from the low humidity. 6 days since she broke through to soil.


That’s reassuring to know someone else is impatient. If #2 pops up I’m not sure how long I can keep 3 plants. I no longer have doubts about the ILGM seeds.

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Here is a shot to show the height. Am I stunting her growth or is she ok?


A little update:

02/17/22 12:00 PM I got the humidifier going and increased the the humidity to 40%. #1 is looking good. I removed the bag from #3 because it was stretching and would get more direct light.

02/18/22 12:00 PM I checked #1 for roots coming out of the bottom of the cup and there where none. The leaves are over the edges but I will wait a day or two to transplant. She was pretty dry so I gave her 4 oz of 6.5 PH water. #3 seems to be doing well. I sacrificed #2. I dug her up out of curiosity and to my surprise she was still going. I wanted to keep but I just don’t have the room. Sorry #2. This is way I don’t name them.

02/19/22 12:00 PM #1 looked as if I had over watered. I’m going to try to let her really dry out. I moved to humidifier further away, opened the doors, poked holes in the cup, and put the fan on it to see if that helps. I was thinking of transplanting her tomorrow but I will she how she looks before transplanting. #3 looks fine.

02/20/22 12:00 PM #1 looks good. The ends of leaves are curling down a little. I don’t know the cause. #3 was dry so I watered (PH 6.5) 3 oz.

02/21/22 12:00 PM I transplanted #1 into a 3 gallon fabric pot with FFHF soil last night. I watered and fed her 25% of recommended Big Bloom (PH 6.5). I gave her 2 liters of water and nutes. #3 is doing well. Low humidity is still an issue. Its staying around the low 30%. With the high air flow I must be humidifying the whole room.

#1 before transplant – day 10

#1 pic of the curling. I’m not sure is this is an issue.

#3 – day 5


#1 looks good. Her roots must have reached the HF given how green she it. It is hard to say what the leaf curl is all about. I had a pretty good case of it because of a fan blowing on it too strongly and directly.
You do have holes in the bottom of the cups - right?
You can see if she stretches a bit by raising the light. I tried that with two GDP and I don’t think it helped much. I think mostly because of the light itself. Then again it could be genetics.
What size is your grow space?

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Yes I have holes in the bottom and sides. Thanks, I will try raising the light.
Grow space is L 2 x W 2.5 x H 4 ft. Quite small but that’s all I have. I want them short but that may be a little too compact. I just transplanted so that may help. I’m trying to keep it simple.


With only 4’ to work with compact is the way to go. Also lots of LST to keep it low.

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Im going to tag alone. Dos si dos is one of the strains I want to growth.