Vipraspectra 600w heigts?


Please someone whos growing with these light from beginning to end,Tell me, is the manufac. heights right/good.
Or what heights are the best for ILGM autos?
I have my girls 100cm and they just came out/up from soil :D:D:D:D:D so happy I am :wink: 6 of 6- is this 100% success rate :wink: Very pleased to my first order and this is my first indoor try. with Leds :stuck_out_tongue:
Every1 whos growing with that light please say your opinion. Thanks.
Btw; If they came out is thefirst two set of leaves must be like half purple going green??? This is what bothering my.
My NL have that kind of colors on her leaves… Thanxx for help.


With a 600w at least start 36in away for sprout,some recommendations say 40in. If they start to stretch just move light down a couple of inches a day @beginner2d


Can you post some pics of your plants and set up please @beginner2d



Can I put those under 2X600w V600 :wink: only veg switch on. Or no differences without other addons?


The single light is probably enough for them right now. You can add the second light if you’d like, just make sure they are high enough with both. But I’d guess you probably wouldn’t need to add the other light for a couple weeks.


I noticed one thing. When VS only Veg switchon you can vegg longer. Like for real. And now i put my ladie under VS ,both switches on ,shes much faster in preflower. I want to see if this somehow affect harvest yields too. Aaa. I talk about AUTOS =)


That’s my light. Works for me “600 watts” think it’s 300 actual watts but I like it a lot great price too I put it about 24” away from seedlings and they like it


I start 24" and lower over time.


What’s up growers I need a lil help… my baby girl is only 2 months but I had to transfer her n now she look all crazy hellllllpppppp

n now she looks like this


I’d say needs more light


How did it turn out? I have the same light. I’m converting them now.


2 drivers. Go to the led diy forum


My bad, :pleading_face:


I’ve posted pics. I finish it today. It’s easy. Just take it apart, get a piece of aluminum made same size as the one in there, drip the appropriate holes, screw it together, wire it up, done.


What did the first harvest look like?


Very nice. 6lants and over pound.


With just one vipra 600?



That’s the ruff layout on he heatsink side