VipaSpectr600 with two Mars Hydro 100?

Is a 700w vipaspectra along with 2X 100W Mars Hydro panels be okay for a couple indoor autos?

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The vipaspect lite is 130w. Plus you other 2 100w will give u 330 but how r u going to get them all in a tent. The 2 might get you 1 plant. Others will be chiming in to help.


More important than the amount of plants is the area of the space you’re trying to light.


Was meant to put 600w vipaspectra not 700, I was told it was actually 600 true wattage but that could have been a lie :laughing: the two Mars hydro panels are bolted together and they’re supposedly 110W true wattage each, I’ll upload the tent size I’ll use now

So this is the tent I’ll be using, was hoping for two autos to go in there at a time

I’ll upload the lights also in a few mins

These are the lights,I also have another 100w blurple with I probably won’t use as that was cheap as chips.

They look pretty well travelled but yah they should do the job have plugged them in to make sure there working properly and just clean them up so u have clean fronts for good light brightness and if want to know how many watts they are get ur self a plug in the wall power usage monitor

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Yeahhh they’re working just fine, just been sat in my shed since we moved into our house haha! But I can’t let them collect dust anymore they need be put to some use :laughing:

That viparspectra light can u clean any dust or bugs that maybe inside ur light out cause the last thing u want is to bring pests into ur grow tent

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Yes mate I’m going to give them all a good wipe over and clean today. My seeds should be here tomorrow so wanna get started immediately :rofl: I missed growing loads! This was my last one I did which was a Cherry Bomb auto, in just a small cupboard under the one vipaspectra light (as that’s the only one I had room for in the cupboard), and she actually did really really well to my surprise, and she was my first plant that made it all the way through, then I didn’t have a chance To pot any more as we moved hahaha. But she was amazing!

They look good mate ,yah i bet you cant to start again its so much fun and its relaxing growing ur own meds .ive done four or five grows now im on my sixth one i think i will show u one of my grows

This was one of grows

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That is a big tent. You will need more light in this big tent if you are going to use the whole thing. or block off half of tent and you should be able to grow 2 girls.

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I had a similar setup for a while and the only real issue was heat.
They all run just a bit on the warm side and all together will raise the temps. With good ventilation and distance management you will do fine.

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Those should do you fine in a 2x4. Just a heads up, the vipar isn’t actually 600w. It’s 260w. So it’ll be a little friendlier on electricity cost than advertised.


Would need more light? Even with three lights? Or do you mean wattage?

Yessss! Those Mars hydro panel lights get ridiculous hot!! Like unable to touch them hot :laughing: that’s why with the cherry bomb I did last time I just used the Vipa because that didn’t get too hot and has built in cooling fans :laughing: eased my mind a bit

Ahhhh okay that’s not too bad, is that enough wattage to get a decent plant? Or two lol? I was also looking at the T1000, are those any good?

Ahh I honestly can’t wait! I miss it so much just watching them grow and mature and flower is therapeutic on its own! Being able to smoke it at the end is just a bonus :slight_smile: they look amazing bro what strain was that one?

So guys, after I’ve planted these ones that come, I’m going to stick to three strains, and these are the three. (One of them solely just for the name I believe it was made for me) :rofl: anyone had any experience with these?

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