Viparspectra xs 2000 any input?

Found a bricks and mortars space and asked about lights

He “sold” me on this light… even though it was amazon, not him.

they have HLG ballast and samsung LEDs and said they can grow for vegetative state and for flowering.

$212 each delivered.

Thoughts? I’m growing in a 5/5 closet for my first grow

Thanks everyone!


I would be skeptical of the Samsung LM301 claim, and not a whole lot of people trust Viparspectra as they are also a burple manufacturer. I’ve heard that Samsung confirmed a few months ago that they were not shipping diodes to China.

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Viparspectra is one of the first in leds have been around twice as long as most of the others so I think you can trust the co, the 2000 seems like a decent light but you will need two of them in a 4x4 so a third one might be needed for a 5x5 their square footprint would make it kinda tough but would definitely work to grow. Of course they won’t compare with a $1400 light but will grow you some nice plants for years to come

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thanks, I bought 2. I was trying for a $500 budget for my first grow so I’m hoping this will get my first 4 seeds up and running.


@Kingkupa if you can still edit your post you might want to remove the link… that’s a no no here makes it harder to share information :face_with_raised_eyebrow: you can write down the name just can’t put the link except for Amazon because I’m sure they pay ilgm to allow it

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Sorry about that, not trying to mess anything up, I’m new and I’ll blame it on that lol cocco for cannibas has tested the xs2000 they have other light too. I would listen to other smarter people but I don’t know if even 2 xs2000 could do a 5x5. But u can always add another, the only thing I dislike so far about my XS1500 is it runs much hotter then my sf-1000 but that is the only other light I have and have any experience with so it might be normal, good luck


I have never looked in to vipaspectra lights but I do know you need a bit more wattage to cover a 5x5

@Kingkupa I was edited many times for putting up links when I started so I just warn others b4 the law catches them :laughing::rofl:

Thank u, like I said new not trying mess nothing up I have learned a lot just by reading and looking at everything on this forum. Thanks again, and @gollybillager don’t think u will have a problem getting ur guys started with those 2 lights but u will need more light/power/ wattage to get into flower. I’m in same boat saving now to get a better light before I go into full flower, so I get good dense buds if not them turn out really light and fluffy. Larf I think is what they call it ? Good luck

Screenshots are ok tho

I personally grew with Viparspectra PAR600. I had to run all three switches on.

Which looks to be better than this light. It will grow decent buds, but don’t expect a high yield with the Vipars. You will also lose around 80% of the weight during drying and curing process.

I wish I would have joined here when I decided to grow. I wasted $500 on two subpar lights.

I got in and got good advice early on and got this before any foolish purchase

Hey so like I said the viparspec runs little hot turned all the way up this is who I have mine step with fan blowing across seems to do a good job. Spider farm 1000 on left xs15000 on right give u a perspective on space and coverage, @Mr_Wormwood his is right I saving up to get one of HLG lights

That gives you 480w for 425 bucks couldn’t ask for much better, looking at the ppfd map if you stay in the 4x4 area under them you won’t be disappointed with em they have good numbers and I’ve got a couple friends running these and they are very happy with them

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I was under the impression that Amazon links are ok

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I got lost what are you talking about? Did I post something wrong

Amazon links are like the only thing that are ok from what I’ve always seen


Yeah I think you are correct I’ve been edited by the site cops a few times for linking stuff

@gollybillager hey just wondering if u ever got your 2000 step up was wondering about maybe getting one really like xs1500 and I think the xs2000 can’t get for like 175 now is it worth it ? Thanks

I got two, and they are set up.

anyone with any input I’m all ears and eyes!

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