Viparspectra V450

I’m having technical issues with this site. Cant post or post pics. Not sure what is going on? Glad your grow is doing well.

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I’m happy with my Viparspectra V600 Reflector light. It’s performing better than I figured it would based on the posts here. Granted it’s probably not as good as other lights and it actually does create a fair bit of heat.
In truth I have an HLG 300 V2 rspec coming to replace it. The 260 was sold out with limited info available on when it will be back in stock so I paid the extra for the 300.

But I’m happy with it to the point that I’m not getting rid of it, I’m putting it together with a Viparspectra V450 that’s already been in use in a roughly 2x3 tent. I figure that’s roughly 450 watts out of the wall And will cover the whole grow area.

But I’ve got a question: I saw mentioned above here about the veg and bloom buttons, should they both be on throughout the grow to account for more light being produced or just for flowering?

As weak as the Viparspectra lights run all switches till you can get your HLG light in. And yea, I own Viparspectra PAR600 lights. Before I switched to the HLG 260xl rspec x 2. I will never use my Viparspectra lights ever again. Only way I would use them is both my HLG lights die.


I appreciate the input! Your reply to one of my early posts got me thinking because you’d used the same light I’ve got. This group is great!

I have 2 of the 300’s and they still make great veg lights. So if you wanted to go perpetual, you could set up a veg tent and you could use the vipar for that tent.

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That’s kind of my plan potentially

The V450 isn’t terrible, I just expected it to perform better after reading the reviews. Maybe those reviews were fake or posted by newer growers who never used a truly powerful light before. I was going to return mine but decided to keep them to be used as supplemental light on the ends of my tent during flower.

I can post but haven’t been able to post pictures for a week

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Same thing. Even posts sometimes wont go thru.

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