Viparspectra r900 led good for flowering?

i have a new viparspectra r 900 i can use it in a 4’x4’x80" veg tent or a 5’x5’x80" tent for flower .
While i have two 150w advanced platinum for veg to use
or vice versa any thoughts will help
i use a t-5 4’ two bulb for seedlings all this is upstairs in a 20 x 15 room it will be full of little girls soon i plan on using the whole space in time.
it was a theater room but who needs that now that Oklahoma has seen the light !!!
have 4 WWA 10 days old and will do 4 more in a week or so

btw ILGM seeds roc 4 for 4 all solid thanks a lot.


I would use the viparspectras and the platinums both for flower in a tent that size but I like allot of light


This. But then youll need more lighting for veg. So split it. 1 platinum n t5s for veg. 1 plat n vivo for flower :joy::+1:t5:

thanks for your input yall i like light too i think i will just go and get 1 more platinum the flower (red) is intense on them when both veg/flower switched
on may be able to swing a p300 that would be nice

i am going to be growing in my green house too prolly start 5 in october and 5 in jan i have 20 super skunk fems on the way oct 5 will stay in green house till harvest and jan 5 will go out in the garden in ten gal pots have super soil cooking now they may be trees before they flower lol im going to be a busy farmer lol.

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