Viparspectra PAR 700 Dimmer


Hi guys looking at using some supplemental lighting in my greenhouse for an upcoming grow. Looking at the Viparspectra PAR 700 and wondering if anyone here has used them or has experience with them? Not really interested in hearing about alternative products just want feedback on this light if you have any. Thanks in advance.


I don’t use one myself but a friend of mine uses the viparspectra line and he loves them his plants look great


I have a ViparSpectra 450… real watts about 200 & I’m very happy with it


I too have a par 450, I like it! I like how the PAR series has 3 light settings also. White, blue and red instead of the traditional veg and bloom lights


And you jam out on all three and look back like zfg lol.


Lol right!!! My biggest complaint actually with the PAR series is those things are super heavy. They weigh almost as much as a regular viper spectra 450


No likes, usually not a bad think with leds. Solid heatsinks keep em pumping.


They are heavy had thought the same myself but seem to draw less and have a bit more to them. Just need to make sure what anchors them is robust enough to hold them.


They are solid for sure bud, very controllable and have allot of good qualities. My complaints with them are only where they “don’t fit on my grow”, which they do work for my grows, but only parts of them…

It’s a very square light, which my grows fit the more long and narrow foot print…

I have a tendency to use this light for seedlings to young veg plants because it is so controllable and the dimmable. I can use it to offer the young plant a very soft blue and white light…

As the plant gets older, I tend to use other lights but not necessarily better lights.


Great points all round and I like the dimmable option and that it is relatively quiet running I am lead to believe. I am using the lights for supplemental lighting in a greenhouse throughout the grow. I am looking at the 700 as the extra coverage is good. Plus my plants will go through a transplant progression process and end up in large pots at the end and I think the lights will cover that need along each step.


I am so old school… :wink:
T 5 ho’s and hps… will be adding some mh soon to the mix… just for shitts and giggles … :wink:
600 watts of HPS and 400 watts of mh… in a 8 inch sealed xxxxl hood …:wink:

:v: :sunglasses: