Viparspectra light comparison

I was wondering if anyone has compared the Viparspectra 900w blurple light and the P2000 light? They are about the same price but one the P2000 is white and considered pro. The 900 watt light seems to produce more wattage and pulls more power. I was planning on setting up tent #4 with and was thinking it might be time to try a “pro” light. My other 3 48"x48"x80" tents are Viparspectra 900W blurple and have had great luck for 3 batches.

@dbrn32 could help more with this…

The pro series 2000 is 200 watt light, the reflector series 900 is a 400 watt light. The par per watt is probably higher on the pro series, but it would have to be more than twice as good to put more light in your tent. Regardless of which one is better, it’s probably not by a lot either way.

Personally, I’m not sure how confident I would be running either of them in a 4x4. But you’ve already been running several of them, so you know what to expect. What kind of dry weight are you pulling from each 4x4 right now?


@dbrn32 I am currently growing White Widow auto as a test before I grow better stuff. I am getting around 4-5 ounces out of 4 plants and the recommended amount is 4-6 ounces per 3’x3’. I am using Miracle-Gro potting soil (I know, I know) with an unlimited water wicking system.

The first picture I attached is my 1 month olds I am currently growing. The plants on the left I tried topping and making bushy as an experiment so that is why they are shorter. So far with this batch my only problem has been the big girl in the front decided to tip so I have now tied her up after this picture. The second and third pictures are of an earlier batch which I didn’t do any trimming on besides dead branches. I know I should have done more trimming but I really didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t want to risk it.

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The limited veg period of autos make it kind of difficult to maximize productivity of your space, so they can be a bit of a crutch. Or at least make it difficult to guage how well you are doing. But with a full canopy there are at least a few members here pulling in the neighborhood of 2 pounds per 4x4. If you get to the experienced members pushing autos, some of them are regularly getting 6-8 zips per plant. I think your lighting vs the lighting they are running has at least a little to do with that. But you can never totally rule out experience either.

If you have the budget I would probably look to get away from viparspectra altogether.



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My first attempt at growing was 4 white widow autos. Absolutely clueless. They were in 5 gallon fabric pots, soil, in a 3x3 under a Kind XL 600. Final dry and cure 13 oz total.
This last little one grew under these technological masterpieces that I use for veg

She was barely 16 - 18" tall, topped (later than it should have) with a little LST. 3 oz cured.

I have to look into those getting 6+ oz off of an auto, impressive for sure. I know they are out there. I think they use either coco or hydro.
I think if you did two or three things differently you could easily double or triple your yields and improve the bud quality.
Get decent soil
Move to fabric pots - I think hard bodied pots suffocate the roots
Apply basic training techniques
Lastly, a decent, repeatable nutrient regime.


@dbrn32 Remember I ran a Viparspectra PAR600 in a 4x4. Its around 274 watts. I grew 1.5 years with it. It did ok. If someone was dead set on a Vipar, you will be better off with a PAR as you need all 3 switches running if you want a chance at a decent crop.

I am glad mine is retired and I made the switch to HLG. The Vipar is a Ford Fiesta vs a Porche. :+1::+1::+1: